Friday, 6 March 2015

10 Ideas For Beauty Bloggers

I've wanted to do this sort of post for quite some time now but since I run a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog I figured it would be too much of a mish-mash. Instead I've decided to split the post into three and hope for the best. That means 10 ideas based on the requirements of a beauty bloggers readership. I'm going to be posting the next installment for fashion bloggers in a few days time so keep your eyes peeled! 

The next ten ideas are just basic outlines of what you should write, I advise that you add your own twist to them so you don't lose personality through your post. For tips on blog structure and writing, check out my post on Constructing A Blog Post.
  • MOTD. Fashion bloggers do Outfit Of The Day Posts so as a beauty blogger, why not do a Makeup Of The Day Post? It gives you an excuse to play around with your makeup and your readers get some good explanatory content so win/win!
  • Skincare regime posts are popular because people like compare their own regimes to the likes of bloggers, I suggest that you make some recommendations and give an informed opinion about the products you use.
  • What's In My Makeup Bag? It's human nature to be curious and if you're posting about beauty all the time, it's quite likely that your readers will want to know what you actually carry around with you. I did a "What's In My Bag?" post when I first started blogging and whilst it was pretty basic, it did draw in readers and I enjoyed actually taking an inventory of what I keep in there.
  • A beauty tutorial is always welcomed by makeup fanatics and it's really fun to create one, simply just doll yourself up or create your usual look and take pictures as you go along. Posts like these aren't limited to YouTube, you can use the images to promote the post on Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest as well as any other sites you use. (Makeup Tutorial)
  • A product review is something you can do with or without brand commission, if you aren't getting sent products then buy some or review something you already use just don't give a false opinion because you lose credibility. It also gives you an example to show brands when they do any outreach activities with bloggers as it gives them assurance that you are a good blogger. (Product Review)
  • As well as reviews you can do a favourites post, I do one monthly but I combine my beauty, fashion and lifestyle favourites to bulk up the post a bit. My February Favourites post contained skincare products but not makeup products because I hadn't really tried anything new in that month but I generally do go through quite a few.
  • A beauty haul is basically a detailed list of how you've spoiled yourself on a trip to the drugstore, just make sure you explain why you bought each item so your readers are getting good chunky content. (Beauty HAUL:Superdrug)
  • Wishlist posts are fantastic, I personally love to type up a celebrity inspired one so I started a weekly blogging series that is just that. My Mollie King Inspired Wishlist did very well and that's down to using fandom hashtags and chatting with fans of The Saturdays. Inspired or not, you can create a wishlist of makeup items you really want or desire and that in itself is a fun piece to create.
  • There are plenty of tags floating around, I did Bubz Beauty's Beauty Scenarios Tag in written form not so long ago and it really just gave me an excuse to put my opinions into words and context. 
  • Collaborate with other bloggers and do a Beauty Q&A like the one I recently created with Nicola Da Rita from Perfect Peonies. It's a great way to connect with other bloggers and gain more views for both blogs, I personally received a spike in my stats once both posts were up and available to read. 
Thanks for reading this post, there's more where that came from! Also, I'd love it if you could leave behind links if you've already done a post like this or if you take inspiration from mine. 


  1. Very good ideas. Very helpful.

  2. I really enjoyed this as a new beauty blogger. Thank you for all of the information.