Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10 Ideas For Fashion Bloggers

Following on from my 10 Ideas For Beauty Bloggers, this installment is a post full of ideas for fashion bloggers because even the best bloggers can get writers block. Some of these ideas are really simple and maybe what some people would call obvious buy hopefully this post will be quite useful. I've looked at similar posts before and been inspired to write by them so this post is in the hope that some of you will be the same in that respect. I also hope to create a lifestyle edition of this post next week so stay tuned for that if you're a lifestyle writer!

The next ten ideas are just, as I mentioned in the beauty version of this post, just outlines of what you could write. I advise that you don't make "carbon copies" of any examples that I provide, it's important to give your post an essence of your own personality. For tips on blog structure and writing, check out my post on Constructing A Blog Post.
  • OOTD. Outfit Of The Day posts are very popular and the #OOTD of Twitter is a very fast paced stream of exampled if you are looking for inspiration. Just simply take a photo or photos of what you are wearing and write about where you bou bought them and why you like them.
  • Expanding on the OOTD posts, it's a good idea to do a "one item five days" set of posts because that can cover five whole days plus a roundup if you want to summarise the one week fashion challenge.
  • Wishlists are fun to do, you can even just scroll through your favourite online shopping site and pick a few of their newest items. My Celeb Inspired Wishlist blogging series has been really fun so far, it might be a good idea to do something similar. My latest one is my Hayley Williams Inspired Wishlist that, admittedly, isn't solely about fashion but you get the idea!
  • Clothing or brand reviews are great for traffic, they are fun to write and people actually enjoy seeing what fashion bloggers say about sites before they buy from them. Check out my American Apparel Crop Top Review for reference if you need it. 
  • A fashion haul is always great to see, I would go for a haul from a specific brand or shopping center because it gives the post a bit more credibility and there's always a chance that the brand or community may share your content on Twitter.
  • A fashion tag of some sort could be fun to type up, I did THIS OR THAT: The Fashion Tag a while back and it was great fun to tag other bloggers and actually think about my fashion choices.
  • You could always collaborate with another blogger and do a Q&A or something along those lines, they are another style of post that drives traffic and can help with blogger networking because it shows you are open to collaborations.
  • Compile a list of Top 5 Fashion Bloggers and say who your favourite fbloggers are and which of their posts are particularly enjoyable. Of course try to get their permission to use any images or at least give them credit.
  • Street style posts are another fun thing to do, just get up the courage to ask people if you can take a picture of what they are wearing and ask them about where they got their outfit from.
  • Suggest outfits for specific themes like parties, holidays or whatever you see fit. You could even turn it into a sort of "Get Ready With Me" post as you talk through your thought process as you put together your outfit.
Look out for the lifestyle edition of this post that will be out next week, until then I'd love to hear if you post any of these ideas or if you already have some up that are similar.


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