Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Beauty Q&A Ft. Nicola Da Rita (PerfectPeonies)

Hello lovelies! I was recently approached by another blogger to do a beauty based Q&A collaboration and since I've never actually posted something like this, of course I said yes. To make things a little easier I'm keeping the text that is mine the default black and the text that is Nicola's a light grey shade. I hope you enjoy our collaboration because I've enjoyed doing it, let me know what you think in the comments once you've had a read through.
Hey I’m Nicola, I am so excited to be collaborating with Aymie Louise on this beauty Q&A. I am from London, England but am currently living in Washington DC, USA. I have a dog, a cat and two horses. I am also the creator of the beauty blog Perfect Peonies. I started writing about beauty on my blog a few years ago now and today Perfect Peonies is growing into a beauty community and space that I love. Most of my content is beauty related but I also discuss fashion, cooking, and my life with you guys. I really hope that you enjoy our Q&A and head over to Perfect Peonies to check it out! Love Nicola

If your whole makeup collection was to be stolen, what would be the first thing you repurchase?

I don't think I would be that upset about my makeup being stolen because I love to try out new products but I think as a back up I would repurchase the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation because it's just a great pick-me-up for my dull skin. It's nice to have that one product that I know I like so when I feel a bit off I just use that and then at least I know that my skin looks healthy and glowy because I don't particularly like matte effect foundation.

I think if my makeup was to be stolen I probably would cry for at least a day before I went and repurchased anything as I have spent so long collecting it all, but it would defiantly have to be my Estee Lauder double wear concealer or really any concealer and then maybe some mascara. I could live without other makeup but I think just a little concealer makes me look a whole load better. I really love the Estee Lauder double wear concealer as it has great coverage and a little goes a long way. God I hope this would never happen, just thinking about it is scaring me!

Eyes or lips? If you could only wear a bold lip or dramatic eye look for the rest of your life which would it be?

Hm... I guess it would have to be a dramatic eye look because I find that bold lips are too high maintenance, especially since I work in an office and spend half of the day drinking coffee. Other than that I would just say that I actually enjoy experimenting more with different eye looks because it's so easy to create different effects with the same products but in a different order or technique. 

This is really tricky, I love me a bold red lip but at the same time I do not do no eye shadow. I think I would have to say good bye to the bold lips, I would miss my individual lashes and winged liner way too much. Plus I could substitute the bold lip for a really pretty nude.

What was your first ever beauty product? (Fragrance, skincare, makeup, ect)

It was quite a while ago but as far as I can remember I "borrowed" some of my mums mascara because I was going out with some friends. The first product I actually bought  for myself though was, if I can remember correctly, a Maybelline New York Dream Touch Blush in their number 02 shade which was a soft peachy colour. I actually still have it and use it whenever the summer comes back around because I can't pull off bronzer or pink blush so the peachy shade compliments my pale skin tone. 

I’m not sure if this is the first beauty product I owned but it is the first I can remember. When I had just started year 6, so I was around 11 I brought the Rimmel London stay matte powder, who knows why but I seemed to think it would give me coverage and I used to wear it by its self every day. It took me like a year to figure out it was just a setting powder. O the good old days!

Favorite makeup brand, high end and drugstore? Why?

My favourite high-end brand is either Charlotte Tilbury or Bobbi Brown, they are both amazing brands and their quality is consistently good throughout all of their products. As for my favourite drugstore brand, I can say without a doubt that it's Rimmel London. They produce a wide range of colours and textures of makeup so it's easy to choose a product that's suitable for me without wasting money on items that aren't right for me.

My favorite high end brand has to be either Nars or Chanel. Nars is a great all-rounder brand, I love their blushes and bronzers as well as their foundations and their radient creamy concealer. I also love Chanel’s bases and lip products and Chanel just does the most luxurious beautiful packaging. For drugstore I love L’Oreal and Maybelline. L’Oreal just knocks it out of the park when it comes to mascaras, their butterfly, telescopic and million lashes are all great. I also love the True Match foundation and concealer. Maybelline have some great lip glosses and their Vivids range is beautiful, I also love the color tattoo cream eye shadows. 

What is your most cherished beauty product?

That's another tough question... I would have to say that my most cherished beauty product is something VERY simple. The Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection is amazing, it's not just a few shades of the same colour, it's a wide range of colours and shades which for someone like me who loves to play around with makeup it's ideal.

My most cherished beauty products has to be my Hourglass ambient lighting blush palette. The packaging is beautiful and the product its self is amazing. I was given the palette as a gift so that makes it extra special. I recently purchased the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder in medium and I am already cherishing this beauty as well! 

So that's my half of the collaboration, I would appreciate it if you could comment and let me know what your opinions are on our answers. Also, check out Perfect Peonies for Nicola's half of this collaboration. Goodbye all!


  1. I've never thought of doing a post like this but I love it! We should do one.

    When I was 17 I bought the same Matte powder and it was like my introduction to Makeup!

    Can I go for bold eyes AND lipstick?? I can't live without blue eyes and a mega red power pout.