Friday, 13 March 2015

Fashion Q&A Ft. Luke Donovan (Not Your Average Nerd)

Since I enjoyed collaborating with Nicola and Rita so much I decided to do it all again, this time however, it's going to be a bit different. Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing both a boys and a girls view on fashion, I for one found it very interesting to find out how Luke from Not Your Average Nerd expressed his style. Just like in my collab with Nicola I have kept my text in the usual colour and I've made Luke's grey so it's a bit easier to tell the difference.

Hello readers of the blog of Aymie Louise, I'm excited to be part of this blogger collab and glad you are reading. The other half of this post will be on my blog, I'm pretty much a tech fashion and fitness blogger from the west midlands, basically there's something for everyone on my blog, anyway enough self promotion, on to the questions...

How would you define your style/fashion?

I would define my style as casual yet (I hope) cool, basically 50% of my style is band merch and the other half is some lesser known but awesome brands. Basically My preferred type of clothes are ones which are very graphic and have eye catching imagery on them, sometimes darker imagery also.

I would define my style, if I really had to, as smart casual. It sounds rather boring but I work all week and then at the weekend I just carry on with the same style of clothing. I love monochrome and nautical looks as opposed to bright and obnoxious colours and prints.

Do you follow the current trends?

No, simply put, I do not follow current trends at all, I try to shy away from current trends and attempt to have my own individual style that no one else has, at the end of the day its my style, I don't want to be influenced by no designer or trend.

I don't mean to but I do update my style quite often, like I said before, I tend to stick to monochrome and nautical styles so you can't really go wrong with those looks. 

Do you think there's a link between style of clothes worn and music listened to?

Yes one hundred percent i do agree with this statement, I think music influences the type of clothes that we wear, you don't really see a man who listens to deep deep reggae walk around in skinny jeans and rocking a beanie, it just doesn't happen, music definitely affects the clothes that we wear.

It's difficult to answer that one, I would say yes but you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. If you looked at what I wear and then checked out one of my playlists you wouldn't really expect me to have that sort of music on there.

If you could work with any brand who would it be and why?

If i could work with any brand in the world it would have to to be Abandon Ship, I love their range of clothes and the darker imagery they have on some of their designs, I currently own a couple of their products but I reckon I would spend hundreds on their clothes.

I would say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I would LOVE to work with MOTEL ROCKS. I haven't seen one item of theirs that I wouldn't wear myself and that's saying something because they have some bright hues in their collections. They have some fantastic pieces and they just seem like an amazing brand to work with.

Would you let your other half shop for you?

Yes, I reckon that my other half would be able to buy me some decent clothes, she knows my style very well and I reckon she would be good enough to get me something I like, besides its not that hard to shop for me. Its pretty much buy me band merch and that's it nothing else haha!! 

Well, I'm single but I don't think I would if I wasn't (if that makes any sense). I'm quite lazy in the sense that I just wear whatever is clean and looks good but at the same time I like my style to be my own.

Well, that's it for this fashion collaboration. Opinions and suggestions are appreciated, I'd also love to hear your answers if you could spare a minute to comment.

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