Monday, 9 March 2015

Hayley Williams Inspired Wishlist

So this week as promised I've pulled together a Hayley Williams inspired wishlist and to be honest it's probably been the most fun to put together. I found that I could play around a bit more with a Hayley Williams inspired wishlist because she has quite a fun and varied style. 

Before I get properly started with this wishlist I'm just going to go through the three other ones I've created so far. I started with the Perrie Edwards Inspired Wishlist which drew in the most views I've ever had on one blog page and then I created a Kylie Jenner Inspired Wishlist and then most recently I posted the Mollie King Inspired Wishlist. Since the Perrie Edwards Inspired wishlist did so well I'm going to be posting a Jesy Nelson Inspired Wishlist next week so keep an eye out for that.

Back to Hayley Williams! I'm going to start with products I would use to create a similar textured look to Hayleys in the picture to the left. I would use the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray after curling with a small barreled tong to give shorter hair natural looking beachy texture. It would also look fantastic on longer hair for a slightly grungy yet done up look. Hayley has quite fine hair so this product would effectively make her hair look thicker and less straight because fine hair doesn't hold texture quite as well.

As for makeup, Hayley ranges from having practically no makeup on to experimenting with neon and bright colours which is certainly a more fun look to be inspired by. I'm a big fan of Collection makeup so when I came across the Collection Colour Kohl Eyeliner Peacock Feather 5 I couldn't help but add it into this colourful wishlist. The turquoise sort of shade that it's in is absolutely gorgeous, I wouldn't wear it for work but it would be fab for a night out or meeting up with friends. It's just different to the average black/brown eyeliner that most people wear on an everyday basis and the fact that it's not liquid means it's easy to blend into a more subtle look.

The ASOS X We Are Hairy People Tunic with Special One Applique is something I could see Hayley performing in because it's colourful, cute and not too thick so it wouldn't get too warm on stage. You could quite easily pair it with some colourful jeans, shorts or leggings and break up a dark look or you could give the look a more edgy feel by pairing it up with dark ripped skinny jeans. It's really not something you dress up, it's more for hanging about with friends in or wearing on a day off. ASOS do a lot of tops that have this sort of style, I chose this one because it's lightweight, comfortable looking and colourful. It comes to £20 but that's not that bad considering the fact that once it's faded and not something you'd wear anymore you could always use it as a pyjama top or even just a top for dying your hair in. It's comfortable enough to have multiple uses so it's worth the money you spend on it.

Another top I thought Hayley would wear is the Lira Festival Raglan Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Lotus Moon Flower Print. It's very relaxed and since it's black and white you can really play about with the colours of the rest of the clothes you wear without looking ridiculous. Personally, I like it the way ASOS have styled it with the dark jean shorts and subtle jewellery. I love baseball styled shirts anyway because they're comfy and have a really mixed range of styling options but this one is adorable. It's very "90's grunge" and that's the sort of style Hayley seems to go for, it's very relaxed and mixes between colourful and distressed vintage. I have noticed, however, that more recently she has started to go for a more fresh and clean look than she used to but I prefer her more edgy style to her modern chic look.

For those of you that don't like to show your legs but do want to wear shorts the ASOS Leggings with Over the Knee Mesh Detail are a perfect compromise. If you have thigh tattoos these leggings are a great way to show them off in a subtle way and if you don't you can buy some cute temporary ones. If you want to buy temporary tattoos I would suggest that you look on Etsy because they have some amazing ones. Back to the leggings, I love these because you can literally wear any top you want in any colour or pattern because they are so basic and simple. I think Hayley would either wear a baggy jumper or a colourful branded crop top with them to reinforce the relaxed, comfortable and chic style that the leggings have anyway. Also, the fact that they are high waisted is ideal because they define the waist and make it easy to style them in a punky/grungy way with a bralet or even a cropped denim shirt depending on how daring you are with your style. I would probably wear a baggy jumper with them but I would also experiment with different funky crop tops to change it up a bit.

The Zee.Gee.Why Zondrian Super High Waist Skinny Jeans jumped out at me as something Hayley Williams would wear, I don't know why but I couldn't not add them to this wishlist. I guess they just have that eclectic 90's grunge sort of feel to them, I love the way that ASOS styled them with the chunky peep-toe boots and distressed jumper. The pattern on the jeans actually strongly remind me of Windows Vista but I still like them, despite the memories filled with long waits before my chunky computer loaded up.

This has been my Hayley Williams Inspired Wishlist, I hope you've enjoyed it. Look out for next weeks edition of my blogging series where I'll be putting together a few items inspired by Jesy Nelson. Any celeb requests for the weeks after?


  1. I love love love everything on this wishlist I would literally buy all of it if I had the money! So awesome :D

    1. Thanks Olivia! There are some gorgeous items on the ASOS sit, I love love love them too!