Monday, 16 March 2015

Jesy Nelson Inspired Wishlist

Fifth week into my celebrity inspired wishlist blogging series and this week I'm creating one based on Jesy Nelson from Little Mix. The first post in the series was inspired by Jesy's bandmate, Perrie Edwards and that one was VERY well received and is actually my most viewed post to date. 

Jesy has always, since she stepped out into the public eye, been a big fan of big hair with lots of curl and body. To create her look I would buy some thick full-head hair extensions to build up thickness and volume. You can get some really good ones for this look from Bellami Hair or for less at Dolled Up Hair Extensions, it really just depends on your hair colour and budget. Once those are applied I would use a thick barreled curling tong and then carefully brush out the curls to give the look a softer effect.

Another staple part of Jesy's look is her eyelashes, she always has big, thick and full lashes so to mimic her look you really want to keep that in mind but still not go overboard. I would choose false lashes that add volume but don't look too thick and dark. The Eyelure Volume 101 set is thick but not quite as thick as some of the others you find. I would mainly go for Jesy's lash look on a night out but you could go for it at work if you don't add too much mascara. The key is to thicken your lashes but not go overboard.

To go with her lashes, Jesy tends to go for a bold red lip so the Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick Kiss Of Life along with a lip liner would create the desired look. Either that or you could go with the Collection lipstick from the Little Mix range that was specifically designed to create Jesy's look. Which ever you choose I would still recommend that you use a lip liner to make the colour last longer and to prevent a colour bleed.

The Sorcerer Sheer Maxi Dress in Black By Motel is something I really think Jesy would love, in fact I think she has worn one similar or even the same before. It's just so simple and paired with some chunky sandals or heels it's really easy to create a simple yet classy gothic look. That's one word to describe Jesy's style: gothic. It's not a bad thing because she does it in a subtle way, in fact, I really like how dark and blocky her outfits are because she still puts emphasis on her shape and curves. I have a feeling that Jesy would either wear a leather jacket or warmer in-style statement jacket with faux fur or a cute basic pattern. 

If you don't like the sheer part of the Motel dress then you could go for the sort of dress that has a silky texture and lace trimmings. I know it sounds like a night dress but you could really dress one up or down to create a fantastic night look. You could pair one with a long flowing kimono or for a more edgy and casual look you could add a dark looking plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

The Vagabond Avery Black Leather Strap Heeled Sandals are the perfect shoes to buy if you adore Jesy's style. They are a little pricey at £80 but they would last a really long time and because they are raised at the front as well as the back they should be really comfy. What I also love about these shoes is that they are flat at the front rather than almond shaped or pointy which makes them different. I think that Jesy would LOVE these shoes, they capture the essence of her look and can be styled with most outfits. One thing I don't actually like about these shoes is the fact that the big toe is separated from the other toes which, whilst the feature is cute, if you're not used to wearing shoes like that it could get uncomfortable. 

To add a pop of colour to the look you could always paint your toenails a nice bright red colour because the toes would be on show in these shoes. Then of course you can match up your fingers and toes to give the look a more put-together vibe. If you're not into the bright pop of colour you could always go with white or a nude shade just make sure your nails look fab whilst they are have attention drawn towards them. 

The Ted Baker Distinguish Rose Print Cape is an item that would go so so well with the sheer dress, it's just so simple yet different with the gorgeous pattern that it is adorned with. Plus, it's Ted Baker so why the hell not? It matches really well with Jesy's mature look and it's another one of those items that cost a little bit (£99) but would last you for a long time. Now it's Spring and we can start to look forward to Summer it's a great transition item as the weather slowly gets warmer and the need for heavy jackets gets lower. It's just a really flattering piece that's great for the awkward inbetween weather that occurs in most countries, particularly the UK.

Alternatively you could go for a budget dupe, I know I can't afford to spend £99 on a cape right now. I imagine that River Island, Topshop and Primark will have similar items in their collections fairly soon. You could even go the opposite way and go vintage which can be either cheap or expensive but it will have a fantastic worn in sort of vibe to it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks edition of my celebrity inspired wishlist series, next week it will be back with a Taylor Swift inspired one so keep an eye out for that! Also, I'd love to hear your suggestions. Who would you like to see featured in this series?