Tuesday, 17 March 2015

McBusted's Most Excellent Adventure Tour (16/03/2015)

For Christmas my brother and I got tickets to go see McBusted on tour again because lets face it, we grew up listening to Busted and McFly. It's one of the few things we can agree on and I'm so glad I went to see them with him. I mean, it was awkward when the kiss cam came on but he sat down so he wasn't in view. 

Anyway, the support acts were Symmetry The Band and New City Kings. I loved Symmetry but I didn't think much of the New City Kings, I guess they just weren't my sort of thing. It turned out that whilst I couldn't name them, I actually knew one of the songs that they performed, other than their Katy Perry cover. Sam did say they looked like "the sort of crap" that I listen to, as you can see he obviously respects my music taste. Nuisance. 

The mix between new and old songs made sure I sang the whole way through and loved every minute of it, I'm fairly sure that I embarrassed Sam a few times but I really didn't care at the time. I was the first person to stand up in our block and I danced about like an idiot for the whole show, it wore me out for work as I had to be up early the morning after! 

The main theme of the concert was the 80's, that included video games, films and general effects. At one point they even used the stage as a giant games console and split up into teams against each other. The general theme carried on from the last tour when they filmed a load of Back To The Future stuff only this time they included the time machine from Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure - hence the name of the tour. 

Since I saw McBusted last time they were on tour I almost thought they wouldn't be as good because last time they were AMAZING. I was wrong. They were so different, it made it seem like a whole new experience and I think they definitely made the right choice with the light show. When I heard that they weren't having as many props as last time I did worry but no need - McBusted know what we want! 

Rather than using all of the 3D props they used last time they put a lot of effort into the screens and the light show which was, at times, a little bit intense. It all really just added to the 80's atmosphere, especially when What Happened To Your Band started playing and the screen showed a giant Voltar machine - perhaps a play on the Zoltar machine from Big?

I would definitely go to see them again, it's just an amazing experience. I saw McFly YEARS AGO when 5 Colours In Her Hair came out so that just speaks volumes in terms of my love for McBusted as a supergroup. 

Which brings me onto the next point, why are some McFly and Busted fans still angry that they merged? Really they were always, sort of, part of a team. They co-wrote songs and practiced together a lot back when both bands were popular and in the same sort of circle. 

Apparently before the merger happened McFly had an album just about ready for production so that will probably go out when they part ways again. Busted on the other hand, as a trio it will never happen again but as a duo, they could probably do their own little project and carry on touring. 

Either way, I don't care as long as neither bands are putting their talents to waste because that would be such a shame. Well, that's all from me on my second McBusted experience. I hope you enjoyed reading about it because I certainly enjoyed going to it and writing about it.


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    1. Ooh! Nice choices, m'dear. I was sat chatting to a woman about My Chemical Romance and Evanesense before the concert started. Eric Lapton, however, I'm not sure who he is.

  2. I am a big evanesense fan, Hope you enjoyed.

  3. I don't blame you! Thanks.

  4. I love McBusted! So many memories from my youth!


    1. I know, right? Gotta love revisiting this part of our past, haha!

  5. woww m a great fan .. and love your blog and post <3

    1. Yeah, it was fun. :) Thanks, love yours too! <3

  6. I am a number one fan of Evanesense. Looking forward to see this place very soon. Thanks.