Monday, 2 March 2015

Mollie King Inspired Wishlist

So this is the third week of my blogging series of celebrity inspired wishlists and this time around the inspiration for the series is Mollie King. For a long time I've admired her look so it's nice to pin-point a few products and items that match up with her style. This is going to be very much in the same set-up as my wishlists inspired by Perrie Edwards and most recently, Kylie Jenner

I'm going to start with hair because Mollie always seems to have the most cute and tidy looking hairstyles. To get the look shown in the image to the left I would recommend using tongs like the BaByliss 2289U Volume Waves on hair prepped with Alberto VO5 Texture Style Spray to create Mollies tousled yet tidy style before setting it with a flexi-hold hairspray.

Onto makeup, Mollie switches up her makeup look but she ALWAYS has bright and healthy looking skin. To achieve a healthy and glowing yet light coverage I would use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream along with some very light blush. It will just create a fresh faced makeup base that anyone can achieve, no matter what the skintone.  

No one rocks pastels like Mollie, with that in mind I would love to buy the ASOS Shift Dress in Jumbo Rib with 3/4 Sleeves because it's something I could really see her going for. It's simple so it's easy to style and paired with other pastels you can take this dress from spring to summer and maintain a cool and fresh style. Mollie tends to go for very feminine and cute outfits and to be honest, they really work for her. You can actually get this dress in black as well and whilst it looks great in either colour I can't steer myself away from the pastels when it comes to Mollie. I've also just had a thought about what you could style this with and I think you could add shoes and accessories in a fawn sort of shade to go for the boho chic look that she sometimes goes for. A nice little brown belt could accentuate the waist and tie in with matching coloured accessories. At the same time though, it's really something that can work on its own and give off that understated cute vibe.

This Pieces Panel Belt is very similar to some of the belts that I've seen Mollie in for some of her more boho looks that she's showcased in the past. The tan leather can tie in with the pastel look to create a less soft style without breaking up the whole look. I also adore the gold tones of the links and the buckle because if it was silver in colour it would create a look that was overboard in cool tones. It really just warms up whatever outfit you're wearing, you can even wear it with a pair of high waisted jeans which I would then pair with a pastel button up shirt to create a dressed up yet casual vibe that you could take from work to going out to lunch with friends. Like I just mentioned, I would pair this belt with high-waisted jeans but you could also pair it with non-high-waisted jeans because this belt has both capabilities.

Sticking with the direction that this post seems to be heading in, I've spotted these adorable boots on the ASOS website that would look great in a tan matchy-matchy look. The ASOS ELDORADO STREET Weave Leather Cut Out Leather Ankle Boots are everything you want from everyday boots; they're sturdy and they'll last a long time, they have a cute cut out style so you can wear them in summer and winter (pair with pastel socks to create an adorable winter look) and they go with many different colours and outfits. I also adore the woven texture on the front of the boots, it makes them look less plain and adds to the boho look. Another thing that I love about these boots, and I'm sure Mollie would too, is the fact that the toe area is in an almond shape so there would be no crushed toes.

This has been my Mollie King Inspired Wishlist, look out for next weeks Hayley Williams Inspired Wishlist where I will be switching things up and putting together a more eclectic mix of items. 


  1. The shoes are really adorable.

    1. I know, right? I might invest in a pair fairly soon.