Monday, 23 March 2015

Taylor Swift Inspired Wishlist

Week number six of my Celebrity Inspired Wishlist Series and this time around I'm putting one together based on the look and style of Taylor Swift. Last weeks post was my Jesy Nelson Inspired Wishlist which actually topped my previous favourite which was based on her band member (Perrie Edwards Inspired Wishlist). I went back to Little Mix because that seemed to be the one that was most enjoyed so just let me know if there's a celebrity you want me to compile a wishlist for. 

Taylor has an incredibly cute but mature style, it's easy to recreate her style for anywhere; work, school, a party... Really you can just go for it wherever you are going. She just has very timeless and classic taste in every aspect of her style, you won't see her wearing a steak bikini.

As usual I'm going to start with hair, for Taylor's look you can either go straight or curly but for the sake of this wishlist I'm just going to go with curly. I would use a styling tool like the TRESemme 2804KU Salon Shine Waves curling tong because it has a fairly wide barrel so the curls you create aren't going to be tight and spiral like. You just need to section off your hair into multiple parts and curl each part one by one, gently comb through your hair with your fingers and then set the curls with hairspray. As an optional part of the look you could use a clip to create a half-up half-down look which is what I would personally do if I was to recreate Taylor's style.

I'm really just going to breeze through the makeup section of this wishlist because Taylor is very subtle when it comes to makeup. You could really just conceal any blemishes you may have, add mascara and some pink tinted lipgloss. Either that or you could finish off the look with Taylor's staple makeup piece which tends to be a well defined red lippy. I would go for Mac's Russian Red along with a red lip liner to create a more clean and long-lasting look because it's the closest to her shade that I can find.

For a more dressy look inspired by Taylor I would buy the ASOS SALON Crystal Bodice Jacquard Prom Dress which is similar to the one you can just about see in the first image I used. It's £95 but really it's a fantastic investment piece because it can be used for weddings and parties again and again. I just love how shimmery and feminine the piece is, it isn't bold but if you were to wear it you would definitely be noticed. It is adorned with the most beautiful metallic flowers on the bodice which makes the dress seem less plain. The design simply would not have worked with low cut style, the boat neckline gives the dress a more appropriate and mature vibe than it would have with any other cut. It's also allows for the perfect amount of skin to be showing because the chest is not on show but a modest yet not too covered amount of leg is on show.

For a more casual look I would go for a sleeveless blouse because it's an item that you can wear all year round with the addition and subtraction of a cardigan/jumper. Taylor Swift, on multiple occasions, rocked a cute blouse such as the ASOS Sleeveless Blouse which is a surprisingly versatile item. It can be work with jeans and canvas shoes or a high-waisted skirt an heels... Really the possibilities are endless. You can't really go wrong with a blouse like this one unless you wear it with tracksuit bottoms but I can't imagine anyone doing that anyway. I've unintentionally gone quite light and pastel-y in this post but I just think Taylor really suits lighter colours. Not that she doesn't suit dark colours but I just prefer her lighter looks to her dark ones.

The ASOS Midi Skater Skirt reminds me of Taylor and her 'chic' and classy style, in fact, I'm sure she has worn one in a similar style before. You could wear it with the shirt that I previously mentioned, you could make the look nautical by wearing a blue and white stripey top... Yet again, the possibilities are endless. Taylor's style is really easy to mimic and change up, investing in pieces inspired by her style is a great idea because you can use them as a statement item whilst still varying the look. I would tuck in a plain blouse and wear it with a bright statement necklace to break up the block colours. This skirt is amazing, it's cut just above the knee and fairly high-waisted so it's a really flattering piece. It's also a really lightweight jersey sort of material so it's really comfortable and the right material for Spring and Summer.

The ASOS MIGHT YOU Cut Out Leather Jazz Shoes are very 'Taylor', she's been spotted wearing jazz shoes and brogues on countless occasions. I adore the cut out feature of the shoes, it's just a trend I really jumped on board with and Taylor seemed to think as highly of it as me. Flat shoes are always a good idea, they're great for posture, comfort and general day to day style. 

Thank you for sticking around until the end and reading through this post, next week I'll be compiling a wishlist inspired by Vanessa Hudgens so that should be a fun boho style to put together. 


  1. Wonderful. Russian red is my fave when it comes to red. Those shoes are beautiful.