Monday, 30 March 2015

The Button Front Skirt Trend Ft. Nicola Da Rita (PerfectPeonies)

Hello again! After Nicola from Perfect Peonies and I enjoyed our last collaboration (Beauty Q & A) so much we immediately set on to write another, we have decided to do a few collaborations over the span of the year so I look forward to seeing what we can create together. 

Last time we collaborated I received the most adorable 'Thank You' card not long after the post went live along with a Tarte blush sample so, yeah, Nicola is a lovely blogger! I really recommend that you check out her blog because she's really good at what she does and she has some fantastic content up on there. 

This is going to be in the same format as the last one, my text will be in the usual colour and Nicola will have her text in grey.

I am so excited to be doing another collaboration with Aymie today. We are going to be talking about a fashion trend here and then over on my blog (Perfect Peonies) we are going to be chatting about a hair trend. Also next month myself and Aymie have a really cool Emma Stone tutorial collab going up so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Anyway, since we decided that we would post a beauty trend on hers and a fashion trend on mine I chose the topic for this post. I've seen button front skirts all over the place and I've admired from afar until now because I wasn't so sure whether or not I liked them, this collab has given me an excuse to sort of assess them in a way before investing in one.

Essentially the button front skirt is an investment piece, it's very much like denim shorts or jeans in the way that you can wear one with just about anything. You can get button front skirts short in length or mid length but I personally prefer the shorter style because it's actually quite a flattering item to wear. A button front skirt doesn't have to be denim either, you can get them in cord, suede, leather or even cotton depending on the style and design. The denim ones are my favourite though because it's a way of wearing a skirt without looking to over the top and girly, the versatility of a button front skirt is just so useful for those of us who sleep in and don't have time to co-ordinate an outfit. 

I will definitely be investing in a denim button front skirt next pay day, I just need to work up the confidence bare my legs for the first time this year. I guess it just depends on the weather and how things play out but I could also wear a button front skirt with tights if I really wanted to. As an example I've found the ASOS PETITE Button Front Mini Skirt because it's exactly what I've been talking about, notice how casual the look can be? I love it.

Ok so the button front skirt, I actually think they are really cute. Personally though I don't think they would suite me. I am only 5'3 and very petite so a lot of skirts and dresses drown me. I m also a lot smaller on top than I am down bottom so it think the buttons may accentuate my bottom half too much. I think though paired with some heels for a more dressy look or with converse for a casual look they are great. If I were to wear one I would go for a plain colour to really show off the feature of the buttons. All in all I would say if you are any taller than me they will look great, just be wary if you are petite because you may look like you wearing your mums clothes.

Thanks for reading our collaboration, there should be up on Perfect Peonies to do with the long bob at some point soon so keep any eye out for that!