Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The "Me Time" Tag

I found this tag whilst browsing through Boston Beauty Buzz and I really wanted to try it so I'm going to give it a go. It's been a little while since I've done a tag post so I'm really pleased I came across this one when I did. Anyway, I tag AJ from Writer's Block and Broken Lenses and Tamara from Me Just Talking To You so get on with it ladies! 

What do you watch/read during your "me time"?
I like to watch Impractical Jokers, it always makes me laugh and it's something great to watch after a long day at work. As for reading, I tend to read whatever is passed onto me be friends or relatives because I'm not picky, I just love to read. Also, if I'm being honest I read the odd sneaky fanfiction when I come across a good one.

What do you wear during "me time"?
I have some ridiculous checked leggings that I bought on ASOS like an age ago that have faded and I just wear those with an old band t-shirt or the over-sized onesie I ended up claiming from my friend when we went to Comic Con last year.

What are your "me time" beauty products?
I like to buy a Montagne Jeunesse face mask to cleanse and detoxify my skin whilst I get on with whatever else I'm doing, I also like to use a cleanser (Micellar Water, no particular brand just whichever one I'm trying at the time) and then moisturise thoroughly with either a Nivea Night Cream or a Tea Trea moisturiser from Superdrug.

Current nail polish?
I'm not actually wearing any right now because I'm giving my nails a break, most recently I was wearing a shimmery kelpy sort of green tone from Claires Accessories.

What do you drink/eat during "me time"?
I absolutely LOVE to drink coconut water or smoothies during my "me time", I actually have a Nak├ęd Superfood Smoothie (Red Machine) at my desk with me right now. Yummy. As for food, I like to snack on popcorn or almonds so I tend to stick with those unless I fancy chocolate and then I just eat a massive amount of chocolate.

Current favourite candle?
I love anything vanilla, I have random vanilla candles lying around all over the place in my room and they smell gorgeous. 

Do you ever have outdoor "me time"?
I don't get as much outdoor "me time" as I used to, before I started work I used to go out for walks all the time with my phone and headphones so I could listen to music whilst I walked. I really fancy going for one now but it's just not convenient.

Would you ever go to the cinema alone?
I probably would if I wanted to see a film and no one else did, I don't really get a chance to do that anyway. The most recent film I went to see in the cinema was Focus and that was for a friends birthday so I had to clear time from my Saturday schedule/routine.

Favourite online shop?
I love the Wildfox site, it's amazing. I particularly like their slouchy jumpers and comfy t-shirts as they are both cute and comfortable enough to lounge around in. I also love ASOS because there is such a range of different styles and you can buy beauty products from there too. 

Anything to add?
I love to sit and watch YouTube tags, tutorials and hauls when I get a chance. My particular favourite YouTubers are Leanne Lim Walker and The Beauty Crush because they are really wordy and their personalities shine through in their videos.


  1. Such a different tag post. Good idea.

    1. Feel free to do it too! It's good fun. :)