Monday, 30 March 2015

Vanessa Hudgens Inspired Wishlist

So it's that time of the week again and the next installment of my Celeb Inspired Wishlist series is here, this week it's inspired by Vanessa Hudgens. Last weeks wishlist was based on the cute and trendy style of Taylor Swift, it was a little different to what I usually go for but I still enjoyed creating it. 

To create Vanessa's hairstyle I would really just play about with my natural hair texture and use a little product. Her hair tends to be in very boho sort of tousled waves, which I love, and it usually looks really done up yet still effortless. Since I have naturally wavy hair I would use some Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray to enhance my natural texture. For those of you who have naturally straight hair I would add some of the Got2b 2 Sexy Big Volume Mousse whilst your hair is still damp after washing and scrunch the hair as it air dries.

As for makeup, as usual I'm not going to create a whole makeup look but I, personally, would focus on her bronzed complexion and use The Balm Betty Lou Manizer Bronzer/shadow. It's very fresh and shimmery so it should give you a really healthy looking summery glow, alternatively you could go for a cheaper product but I just really love this one for its consistency and ease of application.

The Embroidered Frayed Hem Playsuit is something I could really see Vanessa going for during festival season, she would probably style it with some cute wedges and a kimono. The beauty of this item comes from its simplicity, it's fairly plain apart from the embroidery so it can be dressed up or down really easily. Vanessa has quite a boho chic look anyway but it really comes together during festival season, this piece is ideal for that because it's such a laid back take on the boho/hippie style. Despite its black colouring it's ideal for the hot and humid festival weather due to the fact that it's such a lightweight material. At the same time it would also look fantastic with some cowboy style boots for if it rains. Taking that idea further, you could really play on the Western style with reddish brown cowboy boots and perhaps a denim jacket with embroidered designs on the shoulders of the jacket.

The Spiritual Hippie Maxi Kimono With Aztec Festival Print is another item I think Vanessa would love. I have a feeling she would style it with denim shorts and a crochet bralet or crop-top, I'm fairly certain I've seen her create a similar style for herself. It's a really easy look to recreate and you can do it in a number of different ways, you could switch up the look just by changing the colour of your crochet top or wear coloured denim shorts instead. This item could even just be worn as a dress due to its wrap around design and drawstring waist, in this way it can really highlight your legs as it gives off a sexy thigh-high split sort of look. It's also perfect for lazing around abroad near a pool, you could just wear a bikini underneath and simply wrap it around you when you want to venture elsewhere. In terms of accessories you could go really simple and just get a black fringed bag, just like the one in the site image, which would be ideal for this sort of look. Fringed bags are on sale at a lot of places so you could really just get one from anywhere. It could be staple item for summer!

I don't usually add in jewelry to to the mix but I couldn't resist when I found this ASOS Boho Stone Cuff Bracelet, it's just beautiful and it would tie in with Vanessa's festival style really easily. You could wear this on one wrist and stack up cute beaded bracelets in blue and grey on the other wrist. I just really love the frosted metal vibe on this piece, it makes it look less shiny and new as well as giving it a vintage essence. The jewels are really nice colours too, they are jade green/blue shades so they can even add a tiny colour accent to a black or white outfit. It's a pretty effortless way of dressing up a festival/boho outfit so it's a good investment piece. You could wear this with a number of different outfits to give your style just a bit of a boost. 

The River Island Molly Gem White Flat Sandals are adorable and have a really clean and feminine vibe to them which makes them a fantastic addition to your summer wardrobe. These would look great with any of the previously mentioned outfit ideas, they are so neutral yet they can also be considered a statement item because of the bling. The gems on the straps really drew me to these sandals, I've seen Vanessa wear similar ones before and they are really just handy to have in your wardrobe. You can wear them for weddings, holidays or even just a day out with the girls.

Thank you very much for reading my latest wishlist, I feel like I'm really getting into the swing of things when it comes to this blogging series. If you have any celeb requests just let me know and I'll try to compile a wishlist, I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this series if any of you get a chance to let me know. Next weeks wishlist will be based on Emma Stone so watch out for that!


  1. Fab post. I loge that cuff bracelet

    1. Thanks Izabela! It is pretty cute, isn't it?

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