Saturday, 11 April 2015

4 Meals 4 Days (Skype Cooking Lessons With AJ)

Life at home when you live with your parents can be somewhat sheltered, I for one am quite useless with cooking unless it's just noodles or pasta. This week whilst I've been working and pottering on, the rest of my family have been in Southport staying in a chalet. When I told AJ that I was at home alone for the week I think she had visions of me starving to death so she suggested Skype cooking lessons for the week. 

I'm actually writing this post with the intention of telling you all to learn how to cook and to diversify your diets. Eating healthily isn't just for people who want to lose weight, healthy eating has so many benefits including the dispersion of energy and the fact that it improves your skin. If you put the right sort of stuff into your body, you will reap the benefits. Personally I'm quite lazy when it comes to food, if it was left to me I would have just survived on noodles and a slice of toast here and there this week so thank you AJ!

Anyway, the first night we started off with a beef hot pot, I made too much because I got the portioning wrong but I had enough for lunch at work the next day. It was some proper hearty comfort food! It included meat, veggies and lots of flavour. 

For night number two we moved onto Chinese style chicken curry, it was fairly easy to make and it tasted great. I do, however, think that I added too many chili flakes so it was spicy to say the least. Luckily enough I love spicy food, huh? Gary told me how to make the rice, it will all be explained when it comes to the fourth and final dish!

The next night we made risotto, this was probably my least favourite dish. I'm not sure whether it was because I made it wrong or because I just don't like risotto as I had never tried it before this week. I used bacon rather than ham but I think it was an either/or sort of recipe and the consistency seemed right from the description but it just tasted too rich and salty.

To balance out the meal that I didn't like, I think it was only fair to my taste buds that I really enjoyed the coconut chicken dish that I made with rice. Funnily enough, rice is the only thing that AJ can't cook. Whilst we were on Skype her rice actually exploded everywhere and Gary had to come back to her kitchen to sort it out. 

So yeah, I didn't add the recipes or mention how I actually made these dishes but I'm not a great cook and I just wanted to give you guys a good scope for my week of lone(ish) survival. 


  1. If you want to share the recipes, I'm more than happy to send them over :-)

    Can't believe you mentioned th exploding rice scenario...

    1. That could make a great follow up post actually, please do! :D

      Of course I did, I needed a comedic element. ;) xo