Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Aloe Vera: Forever Living (+ Shampoo And Conditioner)

(Not a sponsored post, content is inspired by fact and my own opinion)

It's not a secret that aloe vera has restorative properties, it's also not a widely appreciated fact. When I was in Tenerife there wasn't a shop without some form of aloe vera substitute for after-sun, I'm assuming people from other hot countries use its properties to their advantage but why don't we? Sure, we can buy products with extracts of the plant in them but I haven't got a clue as to why us Brits don't use it quite as much. I noticed that the gel actually healed my sunburn better than any Nivea this, that or other and it left my skin feeling so much more soft. That's why I jumped at the chance to try some of the Forever Living samples when Elsa asked me. 

I was sent a complete mix of their products and since then we have chatted over Skype about the effects of them. What we really found important and touched on the most was the fact that a lot of other products include the percentage of the plant used in their products but it's unknown which parts of the plant that are included. Forever Living only use the inner leaf rather than the whole plant as the other parts can actually be harmful, many of their competitors harvest the whole plant and then separate the rind and the leaves later in the process. 

Another important thing to mention is that the products have, in no way, been tested on animals which is also something Elsa and I touched on quite heavily during our calls. It's unbelievable how cruel some companies are!

Now that the intro is over and done with I can get on with the review for both the Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo and the Conditioning Rinse. With the shampoo I found that even in the sample sachets you don't need to use a lot, I actually managed to get two washes from the sample as the product was easily lathered. I thought that the shampoo was almost like a clarifying shampoo, it felt healthy and like I had gotten rid of the product build-up. I wouldn't say that the product was an instant fixer but it did have a nice effect on my hair, one thing I would say though is that I wouldn't use it on fine hair. I feel like it would be too rich for thin hair but since mine is quite thick and coarse it was quite well suited. The information leaflets say that the product is suitable for all hair types but I would only recommend it to someone with fine hair if it was diluted.

As for the conditioner, my hair didn't feel quite as frizzy once it was dried as it usually does so that is a very big thing for me. My hair is quite naturally frizzy so I was very happy with the sample, it worked very well with the shampoo and I really liked the way my hair felt after use. One negative issue I would like to point out is that you NEED to make sure that your hair is dry before you go to bed or it makes your hair look like it needs another wash. If it's dry it really does make a difference though so it's well worth a go if you have thick, coarse and frizzy hair like mine.

More reviews are to come for a diverse range of products as I want to further test the effects of aloe vera products. Elsa's focus, like mine, is on NATURAL beauty and the quality of the product; ethical practice and confidence in the products/company. If you've never read one of my reviews I would like to just reinforce the fact that I wouldn't write a review I wasn't 100% truthful in.

Shop link: Forever Living
Elsa's email: Elsab.forever@gmail.com


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