Monday, 13 April 2015

Katy Perry Inspired Wishlist

Following last weeks Emma Stone Inspired Wishlist which was quite relaxed and casual, I wanted to create a more vibrant and lively post for this installment of the series. Who else could I choose but Katy Perry? Her lavender locks from the Grammy Awards were perfection, I loved the glamorous yet tousled and undone look. 

To kick off this post I just want to start by mentioning hair colour, for those of you who have pre-lightened or naturally light hair it's easy to switch up your colour and go for purple like Katy has. Since mine has just been dyed a silvery white(ish) colour I would personally just use a semi-permanent colour so I could wash it out easily and just change it up very simply. For my returning readers, you'll probably know of my BLEACH London obsession but for those of you who are here for the first time (hi!) I would just say that I can't recommend them enough for their colour products. Their semi-permanent purple shades are the BLEACH Super Cool Colour Violet Skies dye which is the best to achieve Katy's look or the  Bleach Super Cool colours Bruised Violet dye which creates a more grungey colour. I would also love to try some of their more crazy colours but right now I'm happy with the shade I am thanks!

As for makeup, Katy usually goes for quite bold eyeliner flicks along with some sort of smokey and sparkly blended eyeshadow look. The Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner from Sephora is great for that because it has a very precise brush tip and it's long lasting. As for the eyeshadow, I LOVE the Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadow Gris Party because it's a very shimmery palette and it's fantastic when it comes to blending out a smokey eye look.

Katy Perry isn't like Lady Gaga in terms of style but she's had her moments, this is a really fun wishlist to compile because she's really creative with the way she styles things and she's not afraid to dress brightly. I found this French Connection Leo Leopard Dress in Jersey and quite surprisingly, I love it. It's not something that's easy to fit in a wishlist but with Katy Perry, just about anything goes. It's just such a fun print that goes with Katy's eclectic sense of style, she would probably wear this with a silky bomber jacket or a leather jacket and totally rock it. Due to the style of the dress, I wouldn't add a belt as there is a stiching and black panel at the back of the dress but for a style like this you don't really need to. I'd also be willing to wager that this dress would be really comfortable due to the fact that this dress is made of a jersey material.

Going back to an earlier style snapshot of Katy's career you'll probably see a lot of cute looking vintage style. I adore the polka dot look and I'm fairly sure I've seen Katy rock a similar style before. The Love Skater Dress With Cut Out In Polka Print is utterly gorgeous and so fitted, it is a very flattering style and I'm sure it would look great on more curvy shapes too. This dress manages to be modern and slightly revealing whilst still giving off 1940's vibes and that's something worth channeling for a party or a night out. I'd love to be Katy Perry's stylist, seriously, you can be so vibrant and diverse when it comes to pulling up a style wishlist. She seems very experimental and willing to try out many different style but she still stays true to her own look which is refreshing considering all of the pop clone wannabes these days. 

Going completely different yet again, I found the Story Of Lola Festival Big Tee Metallic Dress In Sheer Fabric With Sequin Motif just after the polka dot dress and fell in love with it. I've used the word 'love' way too many times in this wishlist, I guess I just love everything that I've found today. I think this t-shirt dress just looks like something she could perform in quite comfortably with a crop top and a pair of high-waisted shorts underneath. It's adorable, different and it reminds me of California for some reason. The colour is gorgeous and if you chose to wear it with vibrant mermaid green shorts and a matching crop top it would look so funky and cute. Mermaid style is everywhere on bloggers and celebrities right now whether it's hair, style or makeup. It's a trend I can definitely get behind as a Disney fanatic myself.

These shoes are beautiful and they go with literally everything on this wishlist. The ASOS HAZELINE Leather Heeled Sandals are so versatile and work with most colours, the holographic finish makes them seem less plain as lots of different colours are reflected onto them as they are hit by light. I actually REALLY want a pair of these so I'll have to come back across the link either after payday or closer to my birthday. They are quite blocky so I can imaging that they will be fairly easy to walk in because they aren't as dainty as a lot of heels are. 

I hope you've enjoyed my latest wishlist because I certainly enjoyed writing it, this has definitely been one of my more fun posts because I usually choose quite neutral looks for my celeb inspired wishlist series. I'm still deciding on the next celebrity to create an inspired wishlist for so if you have any ideas or requests I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I love how you've actually talked about the products, not just made a list. Katy Perry's style is awesome <3

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. Aw! I'm glad you like it, I hope you come back again to read more of my content. :) xo

  2. Loveeee Katy Perrys hair here! I have used bleach london too - I went pink for a while and loved it!

    Also love those amazingggg shoes - I love absolutely anything holographic!

    Thanks so much for the follow on bloglovin! I have followed back and cant wait to see more!

    Laura (Smile At Style) xox

    1. I look forward to connecting with you!

      I have to agree, holographic is one of my favourite trends. :)

      Thanks for visiting my blog! xx