Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday Morning Update

Morning all! I just wanted to sit back and take a chance to let everyone know what's going on with me this week. I always say that this is a LIFESTYLE, beauty and fashion blog but I don't actually seem to write a lot of posts about my life. Just let me know what you think about a Monday Morning Update sort of series but for today I figured I would just have a little babble on.

So this past week I've just been getting used to having my new haircut and colour. I'm not going to go too far into that because I've already posted 'My Hair Transformation' but for those of you who haven't visited before; my hair is nearly white and about three inches shorter. Dry shampoo was my saviour last week, I tried to preserve the colour as much as possible as I do for the first week of every colour. Now that I'm over the first week I've started using a 'silver shampoo', namely the BLEACH London one but I've been pairing that up with the Provoke 'silver conditioner' to add that extra bit of shine that my hair doesn't usually have.

Since I've just been writing about my hair I might as well move onto beauty next for my Monday update. I've had a massive spot outbreak around my mouth and the rest of my face hasn't been exactly blemish free so I've been going makeup free wherever possible to try and give my skin a break. Last night I used a self-heating mask from Superdrug last night to give my skin a bit of a boost and I'm rather pleased with the results. The thing about my skin now is that my hair makes any blemish stand out more, it's motivating me to take more care care of my skin and try to make my skincare as natural as possible. I'm looking into trying an aloe vera gel shot for mornings to just give myself a fighting chance with these spots! I'm sure I'll post about the success or failure of the gel drink once I've had the chance to buy it and try it.

Last week I had fairly dark nails, I think I really just loved the contrast between my hair colour and the colours I wore to compliment it. My inspiration for last weeks nail look was a 'starry night' which I created by using a bright blue base from Miss Sporty and a dark glittery top coat from a nail bar. I didn't have the polish I wanted to I created it myself with those two polishes, even if I do say so myself I felt like it came out very well. I only used one coat of each polish because I didn't really need second coats as they balanced each other a bit.

My job is going well as far as I know, last week was a great week for social visits so I can't be doing that bad of a job. I might actually do a post fairly soon about how I decided to work in social media and how I actually got my current job so keep an eye out for that. I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I think the post will be quite useful for those of you who want to work in social media but don't want to go to university because it can be done - I'm proof of that! If I knew what I know now a few years ago I would already be way past this point, I went through a year of sixth form and year of college before I came to my 'big realisation'. Also, if any of you are bloggers that have written a similar post I would LOVE to read it whether it's social media based or whatever. 

My latest woe is my lack of shoe ownership and I don't say that in an "Oh dear, I don't want to wear those shoes" sort of way, I've actually ruined all of my shoes bar my running trainers from walking through the industrial estate to get to work and the bus stop. It's not all bad though because I see bunnies and all sorts as I walk to the office but the ground is very uneven and I'm a clumsy oaf that obviously can't walk without tripping over myself. Anyway, I needed to go into Spennymoor on Saturday and for some reason I thought that walking there in flip flops was a good idea. No. I have blisters galore and my feet still hurt but at the time I didn't know where my trainers were (that proves just how much I go out for a run!) so I just went for it. I am regretting that decision now but there's nothing I can do about it because it's already been done. My poor feet! Which leads me onto my next topic, I want to buy a good pair of durable and comfy shoes that will last me quite a while. I don't want them to be too colourful because they'll be for work but anything good for walking in would be fantastic. Any suggestions?

I'm working very hard to put out some great content this week so I'd love to hear ANY request or suggestions, if anyone is working on any tags or collaborations I'd love to know what's going on. I have Kik and Skype if any bloggers would like to connect, just leave your usernames in the comments. Thanks for reading this post, there should be more coming up VERY soon.

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