Wednesday, 29 April 2015


For those of you who have been on my blog before you'll notice that I've had a design revamp. I've been wanting to sort it out for quite some time so when Jemma from Dorkface blog mentioned that she was doing some design work I emailed her straight away. I think I was her first client so my design was done by about 7pm, I think. Either way, she was very efficient and we talked through what I wanted and she designed something based on my blogging style. We went through some draft ideas first and decided to keep the colours down to black, white and gold to keep it quite minimalist and mature. 

To be honest, I gave Jemma quite a bit of freedom for the design because I wanted to change up the whole colour scheme and font style anyway so really she just ran with the vague idea I gave her. We decided against the font in the image to the right because I was already in love with the more rough and elegant cursive writing style that we'd already discussed. The draft ideas weren't massively different once we decided on the way the font for the title, we both really loved the cute cursive look. 

The draft to the left included swirls at the end and that was the only difference to the design but we decided against it. We came to this after deciding to keep the font though we didn't discuss the colour scheme that much because we were both so set on the black and gold design. I did like the look of the swirls but I felt like the design didn't need them, particularly for the look I was going for. We reverted back to the original font and colour scheme though the original draft had no pencils. The addition of the pencils seemed to make sense because it matched well with my blogging style.

This design was different in the way that we scrapped the camera so we had something else to think about as an alternative. I loved how cute the cartoon me was but it changed the direction in which the design went, I preferred the camera and the extra accents of gold from the previous design. The whole way through this process Jemma talked me through what she was doing, what she thought and asked my opinion on the direction she was taking the design. I think that by this point we were both really on the same page when it came to the design, I just didn't know how to ask for what I wanted but she rolled with it and created exactly what I wanted. 

Thanks again, Jemma. I'm sure everyone else loves the design as much as I do, I couldn't recommend anyone else more highly for header design. I think the fact that Jemma runs her own blog and spends a lot of time reading other blogs gives her that edge so she knows what sort of thing goes well with which sort of blog.