Monday, 27 April 2015

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron (No Spoilers)

As a full on Marvel fangirl, I've been waiting for this film for quite some time. As the title of this post suggests, I am not going to be giving any spoilers but I really just want to vent about how great the film was.

From start to finish the dialogue was full of innuendos, cleverly placed digs and fandom references. It was interesting to hear which people understood which jokes because some of them went right over the audiences head. In terms of scripting they've clearly listened to the fans though and made the film everything we could have wanted. The back and forth nature of the film very much makes the films what they are, DC are really going to have to step up and TRY to fight back because Marvel are kicking ass right now. I hate myself for saying this word but 'banter' was very much present between the Avengers but we also got to see a softer side of the the characters, particularly Natasha, Bruce and Clint but I'm not giving anything away so I'll say no more on that matter. 

The film was full of character development and whilst Sebastian Stan was not present, there was a slight reference to where Steve and Sam left off in the last Captain America film. All in all, I was incredibly pleased with the way the film went and I noticed that they still tied in with the comic universe whilst still staying true to the cinematic one. I also loved the introduction of the Maximoff twins as the actor and actress playing them had a lot of chemistry so they were able to act very well together. It's so frustrating typing this up and trying not to give too much away but it was fantastic.

Since this is a lifestyle, FASHION and beauty blog I'm just going to mention what I wore to go and see the film. I didn't want to go too fancy or too casual so I just went for a smart casual look though when I was a few years younger I would have been in a fandom based shirt or something like that. 

I went with a plain royal blue tank to because the weather was fairly nice and I associate the colour blue with Captain America. I teamed that up with my black New Look Jeggings and cotton navy and white blazer style jacket whilst I wore my new black and white shoes which I got for less than £10 from Shoe Zone. As for makeup I went for quite a natural look because I didn't want to wear anything heavy to sit in the cinemas. Check out my last post to find out about the foundation and setting powder I used because I've switched up my products.

Thanks for reading about my trip to Teeside Cinemas, I'd love it if you could comment with your thoughts on the films or any blog posts of a similar nature. 


  1. I saw the movie last Monday and I LOVED IT. I really liked to see the softer side of some characters. The feels for Natasha! And Scarlet Witch was awesome. Really liked her.

    xx Izzy |

    1. I can't even express how much I loved the movie, I think when I first heard about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch being in the film I was disappointed but they were AMAZING.