Tuesday, 5 May 2015

50 Random Facts About Me

I've seen similar posts floating around quite a bit as of late so as a bit of a 'Get To Know Me' thing I figured I'd just get on with it. I'm actually quite interested to see what I type up because this isn't a planned post. Not all of the answers will be quite so long because there's 50 of them to go through.

1. I work in social media, I did originally want to be a journalist though and I did a BTEC Level 3 Diploma course in Journalism & PR. I really enjoyed it but I didn't feel like it was a good stand alone career for me.

2. I realised I wanted to do social media as a career after running the accounts for a charity I used to volunteer for. I ended up doing it because I was talking to my 'boss' about Twitter and promotion and it seemed like the right thing at the time.

3. I started this blog to fill time when I was unemployed, I was lucky that I started so late in the year because Blogmas gave me a lot to blog about.

4. Blogging actually got me my current job because I was able to talk about how I promote my own content and the sorts of strategies that I felt worked.

5. I love going to London, it's one of my favourite places because it's full of culture and it was the first place I ever went on my own.

6. I used to hate going abroad because I'm scared of planes and I used to get sunburned really easily but now I love going away and I even tanned a little bit last year in Tenerife.

7. I love tea but if it's not the brand I like, Yorkshire Tea, I tend to go for coffee. I used to prefer it but I decided to cut down and I developed a liking for tea instead.

8. I don't really drink that much, I have nothing against alcohol but I only drink occasionally and when other people are doing it too.

9. I used to be really picky, I hated curries and tomato based pasta dishes but now I love both types of food and I wouldn't pass up on either. I guess my taste buds changed or something, either way I would probably say that they are my favourites now.

10. I don't see why everyone is so obsessed with avocados at the moment, I've tried to like them but I just can't make myself.

11. I used to hate makeup and straightening my hair when I was in secondary school, I used to get bullied because of it and now I wear makeup and straighten my hair because I want to.

12. I prefer to wear monochrome fashion but I'm trying to inject some colour into my wardrobe to brighten it up for Spring and Summer.

13. I'm slightly addicted to dying my hair, I love changing it up and getting a shock when I look in the mirror. I'm craving black hair at the moment but it didn't suit me seven years ago so it probably won't suit me now.

14. I'm very varied in my music tastes, the two most recent albums downloaded to my phone were  May Death Never Stop You by My Chemical Romance and Now That's What I call Disney.

15. I love going to concerts I've been to see Nicki Minaj, McFly, McBusted (x2) and I'm going to see S Club 7 at the weekend with a friend.

16. I feel really uncomfortable if I get on the bus or the tube without music playing through my headphones, I don't know why but I just do.

17. I used to get really awkward if I was going to events or just out in general but now I love networking and meeting new people, I must be maturing.

18. I love to read, whether it's fiction, non-fiction or fanfiction. I also love reading fashion and beauty magazines because they inspire me to put together different looks and blog.

19. I have a full bookshelf of classics, biographies, teen fiction and most likely every other type of book you can buy. I also have boxes in my room and my sisters room because I have nowhere else to store them.

20. I love shows like Dr Who, Sherlock, Supernatural and Once Upon A Time. I was introduced to The Green Wing and Black Books by a friend and now I love those too.

21. I'm a Scorpio as I was born on the 11th of November, I certainly fit the traits of one too. I don't really take notice of horoscopes but I do like to read them.

22. I was supposed to be born on Halloween which would have been really cool but I was just about two weeks late.

23. My mum is called Paula and my dad is called John, they got married less than a year before I was born (I'm the eldest of three).

24. I've lived in Chilton, Spennymoor, Mansfield, Middlesbrough and now I live in Kirk Merrington which is VERY boring and quiet.

25. I haven't started driving yet and I'm not sure I want to, for the moment I'm quite happy with public transport (when it doesn't come too early or too late!).

26. I get the bus at about half six because if I got the next one I would be about half an hour late for work, it's a pain but it's also nice to be able to set up in peace on a morning.

27. I want to move out of my parents house within the next five years, I'm not sure whether that's possible but I'd love to be more independent.

28. I make five year plans but most people don't know where I see myself by that point, I'm not saying where because I don't want to jinx it!

29. I'm happy single because I don't like clingy men, which most are these days, though I'm not completely closed off from it.

30. I don't fancy men shorter or younger than me, I don't know why but I just don't feel right dating men in either of those categories.

31. I like tattoos and I will probably end up getting one but my dad doesn't like them, despite having them himself, so I'll wait until I move out.

32. When I was about sixteen I got my belly button pierced because my cousin wanted someone to get it done with her, I didn't tell my mum and dad and I got my uncle to sign the form.

33. I ended up letting the piercing close up but I'm probably going to get it redone at some point because I'm sick of having just a random hole in my belly.

34. I've never broken or fractured a bone before and I've only ever had stitches to get a mole removed despite being the clumsy oaf that I am.

35. Until I was about fifteen people used to pick up their glasses as I walked into the room because if anyone was going to knock them over it would be me.

36. I went through a phase when I couldn't go out without having my nails painted, I also used to do my friend Leanne's nails whenever she had a fancy dress party or an event to go to.

37. When I was in primary school I was in drama club and dance club, now I'm nearly twenty I can't dance and I haven't tried to act unless it was to get out of PE.

38. I love comics and I'm on team Marvel when it comes to the Marvel/DC argument, what are you going to do Batman? Charm me to death? Flash your cash?

39. My favourite Marvel comic is Captain America, I think I just like the whole wartime superhero thing.

40. I love the Marvel cinematic universe as well as the comic one, I think that they cast the right people for the Avengers.

41. When we were in sixth form, Leanne and I used to go to her house or our friend Chloe's to watch The Walking Dead or to paint her nails.

42. I went to Aqua Fit once because Chloe was running it and the top of my swimming costume wouldn't cooperate so I'm fairly sure I flashed the poor girl.

43. I used to run quite a bit once I decided to get fit but I just wasn't motivated to do it on my own, I walk a lot but the most running I do is when I nearly miss my bus to work.

44. My brother is three years younger than me (and a foot or so taller than me!) and my sister is eleven years younger than me.

45. My brother and I are very competitive with each other, we used to fight a lot but we've mellowed out quite a bit now.

46. I'm very close to my sister, I tend to influence her music and movie tastes quite a bit because when I was unemployed I just babysat all of the time and she picked up a lot of things from me.

47. When I turned eighteen, the nuisances to the right all wrote about how 'over the hill' I was in my birthday cards because I'm the oldest.

48. Michael (my male best friend) and I have a system for shopping around Darlington, we start at HMV, go onto Waterstones, CEX and then wherever I want to go.

49. Autumn (far left of the image) and I get on the same bus some days but because it's only for one stop we laugh at each other and wave.

50. I went to Comic Con last year with my friend Becky and I creeped out Drew Roy from Falling Skies because I didn't know how to act.

Thanks for reading this if you made it to the end then I applaud you because this is one hell of a long post.


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    1. Thanks Mary, I'll check it out now. :) xx

  2. I think it's great when people post a bit about themselves, I studied Journalism for a year as well :) x


  3. I like my readers to have a good idea about who I am, thanks for reading.

  4. I love post like these, lets you get to know a bit more about the blogger. I also feel pretty uncomfortable getting on the tube/bus with music in, but I think it's because I just want to listen to my music so much and I have probably forgotten my headphones!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I'm ridiculous for forgetting my headphones, it happens every other week. :D

      Thanks for reading!