Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A Weekend In Yorkshire: Bridlington Vintage Fair

Since it was the bank holiday weekend I went to Yorkshire with my family for a little caravan getaway. We stayed at the Park Resorts holiday park in Barmston, a quaint little village with next to nothing in it. It was a fairly nice place to stay, we've been there for a weekend once before though I couldn't remember ever going until I got there and recognised the place. 

Anyway, since it was a quiet village we decided to venture out into Bridlington where we (my dad, my brother and I) found out that it was the day of a vintage fair. It was fantastic and they sold some fantastic items but to be honest, it was really a glorified boot sale. Not that I'm complaining, I love a good mooch around a boot sale and it was nice to see the 50's theme scattered around the hall.

Outside stood a number of vintage cars, many of which were rusting and not so well looked after but there was a few that looked nearly brand new. It was quite a range though the car to the right stood out for me because it was a sportier and sleeker model than the rest on show. Of course, there was a number of motorcycles too but I couldn't get close enough to them to get a decent picture. They seemed more popular than the cars as more people seemed to want their photographs by the motorcycles than they did by the cars. 

There was also a face painter and bubble machine outside, which my sister would have loved but she opted to stay with my mum on the caravan site. I do think she would have gotten bored in the hall used to hold the fair though so maybe it was for the best that she stayed behind. 

It was clear that the people of Bridlington put a lot of effort into the whole look of the fair, the entrance to the hall was signed with crochet bunting with the words Advintageous Vintage Fairs which I thought was a lovely touch. Plus, the people running the event were dressed up in  clothes that mimicked 40s/50s style.

It cost something like £2.50 to get in as an adult but it was worth it to see some of the stuff in there, I'm fairly sure I saw some first edition classics. Also, as someone with a turntable I quite enjoyed looking through all the vinyl on sale, I saw a lot of Bowie in there. The prices weren't ridiculous, they seemed about right for the albums available. I some of The Beatles albums there too which, depending on the album and the place you buy them from, can be quite expensive but I saw some for about £20.

As previously mentioned when talking about the people running the event, 40s/50s style was very much present. Plenty of it was on sale, too. The bright colours and bold patterns were eye catching and incredibly stylish. They certainly caught my eye, though I couldn't justify spending money on a dress I wouldn't have the chance to wear. 

The picture to the right shows the music note dress that I particularly loved at the fair, I just wish I had an event coming up that I could wear it for. It's a lot to spend on a dress that is only going to sit at the back of my wardrobe.

So, yeah. I enjoyed my little break in Yorkshire, we didn't get a chance to visit Whitby (my all time favourite place in the country) but we kept ourselves busy. We explored Filey and Bridlington quite extensively really, we like to walk around and explore when we're away so we tend to discover all sorts of hidden gems. Thanks for reading my latest lifestyle post, it was a pleasure writing it for you. I hope your post bank holiday blues are fading away!


  1. It sounds like a fun fair. I love that music note dress! A friend of mine can actually pull off those kind of dresses, so she simply wears them to uni.

    xx Izzy | Qthee

    1. In which case, I would love to take a look in your friends wardrobe haha! I need to invest in some of those. ☺👌

  2. Ooh I'm a sucker for dresses like that music note one, my wardrobe is full of them! x


    1. I need to stock up, haha! Gotta love vintage fashion! :) Thanks for reading, btw. :) xxx