Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Celebrity Inspired Wishlist Overview: Part 1

Hello! I've been wanting to type this post up for a while now and I just never seem to get a chance to put it together. Not so long back I started a blogging series about beauty and fashion looks based on notably fashionable celebrities. I enjoyed the whole project but, as most things do, it had to come to an end as I just didn't have the time to type one up every week. At the time I was doing about three drafts of each post to make sure I was happy with each one and I put a lot of thought into them so it just became too much on top of my usual workload. Anyway, this project overview is going to be in two separate parts to make it lighter reading. In total I typed up nine posts in the series so I'm going to be talking about the first five in this post and the remaining four in the next one.

The first post of the series was inspired by Perrie Edwards, it was easy to create because Perrie generally has a boho chic vibe and I was able to pick items and methods that appealed to me and matched her sense of style. You can find the post here if you'd like to check it out, it was the post with the most views and interactions and, to be honest, it was probably in my top three. For hair I took inspiration from the pic to the left and described how I would personally create the look, I found it to be quite a casual yet glamorous look. In terms of makeup, I focused on the lips as it seems to be one of her favourite looks judging on how many times she's mimicked it. If I was to go back and do the project again I would probably focus a little more on the hair and makeup as it would make a fantastic tutorial. I'm fairly sure that a similar post would generate quite a positive response so it's something I'll definitely think about in the future.

Next up was my Kylie Jenner inspired wishlist which you can view here, yet again, I focused on her lip look because her stand out feature is her pout. I didn't mention hair but really you could just add dry shampoo to straightened second day hair and tease the top layer a little. I loved choosing items to mimic her wardrobe as it's very simplistic yet classy which is something to strive for when putting together a cute outfit. I adore Kylie's sense of style, I got to choose some items that would really work for both her shape and mine as her shape is similar to mine only hers is slimmer. The pieces I chose were investment pieces that could be matched with many other pieces to create different looks, I mentioned alternatives withing the post for those of you who want to dress it up or down. 

The third post of the series was inspired by the gorgeous Mollie King (here), I chose her style because I love the adorable neutral looks that she seems to sway towards. I think as far as celebs go, she's on the top of the scale when it come to her look as it's incredibly understated and versatile. I created her inspired wishlist by observing her style on a whole, her skin always looks dewy and healthy whilst she tends to go for a lovely tousled wave when it comes to her hair style. Her fashion sense is on a whole other level, she is always on trend and she never really has any fashion faux pas. I focused on pastel shades and tanned leathers and I found some beautiful pieces that would compliment her dainty figure and chic sense of style. Just as I did with the previous two, I offered alternative ways to wear the items I suggested and I feel like the post really benefited from that. 

The next celebrity inspired wishlist was a game changer for this series, it was much different to anything I had done before and I really enjoyed finding pieces to match the style. Hayley Williams, princess of alternative music, was a fun subject to mimic the style of. You can read the wishlist here, I hope you enjoy it too because I enjoyed putting it together. Her look is very much like her music, different and a touch on the grungy style. By grungy I most certainly DO NOT mean dirty or grimey, I mean it in the comfortable edgy way. To create her hairstyle I offered advice for those, just like Hayley, who have fine and naturally straight hair and mentioned products and methods that would enhance any natural texture. Hayley is well known for her, at times, whacky hair. She changes it up often and knows exactly what makeup compliments each colour she goes. I got to experiment with this post as I chose bright eyeliner which, at the time, was very big on the beauty and fashion scene. 

The last featured wishlist of this post is my Jesy Nelson inspired one (here), which I decided to create after the success of the Perrie Edwards inspired one. This wishlist was verging on the side of the goths as she has quite a dark sense of style, I loved putting it together because it was subtly done. Her hair played quite a big part in this wishlist as it's her main feature that she's always focused on since her days on the X Factor. I also really put a lot of effort into going through her staple makeup look as I love the way she enhances her features with makeup. I was really pleased with my decision to create a wishlist inspired by Jesy's style, it was very much like my own in a way because I love to dress dark, I love bug hair and I'm a sucker for bold eyelashes. I have to admit though, I haven't been able to wear those styles as often since I dyed my hair light because it just makes me look paler than I already am. 

Well, thanks for reading part one of my overview, it's been fun to look back on the series and I can't wait to post the second half. 


  1. I love the Mollie King look and also the Perry Edwards one, especially the white top! #boldandbeautiful


    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I love that top too, it's adorable!

  2. Love the post thanks for sharing ♡♡