Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Celebrity Inspired Wishlist Overview: Part 2

(The first part of my series overview can be found hereI'm just going to go through another quick introduction before I dive straight back into this, think of it as a similar method to the "previously on..." bit at the beginning of a tv show. So I'm running through my celebrity inspired wishlist series in two parts, this being the second, I'm enjoying looking back on the project and I hope you are too. I love doing overviews and compilations of posts to give me a feel for the sort of quality I try to get across in each post, I'm currently trying to think of another series I can start in the near future. Anyway...

My Taylor Swift Inspired Wishlist was slightly more reserved than the two wishlists prior to it, in a way it was a more youthful strain of the same style as Mollie King. They are both quite natural in terms of complexion and tend to go for fresh and glowing looks, Taylor however, is more inclined to go with a statement lip depending on the look she is going for. Red has sort of become her look, I know a lot of celebs go for a bold red lippy but Taylor has really coveted it and she's often connected to that trend. Her hair is very relaxed but by no means effortless, it's styled with very soft loose curls and pinned back by a clip or something of that general idea. As for fashion, I picked out a dress similar to the one in the image to the left only it's cheaper than what she's likely to have paid. The other items are much more casual yet still classy and done up. 

The next post of the series (found here) was created very much with the festival season in mind, Vanessa Hudgens is the queen of boho festival style. Bronzed, healthy looking and bold is how I would describe Vanessa's overall makeup look. From what I've seen, I think that she tends to experiment quite a bit with both her hair and makeup. Whatever she decides to do, it's always wonderfully coordinated with her outfit. I focused on the festival season because that's really when Vanessa seems to shine in the fashion world. No one does boho like Vanessa does boho, full stop. She just naturally compliments the style. Even in the look to the right you can identify an essence of her style theme, that's why I delighted in creating a wishlist inspired by her. It's not quite as easy to recreate as some of the others, I say that because I had a specific vision for this wishlist, I didn't want just any old rubbish added in. 

Next up was the glamorous Emma Stone, I have done both an inspired wishlist and an inspired makeup look though the latter of the two was not part of the series. I enjoyed creating Emma's look because it's very minimal and classic whilst still complimenting her features and hair colour. I mentioned quite fondly her amber hue as I love that colour on myself and I remembered how I used to do my hair, makeup and style when I had it. Despite the image to the left, I actually did a more comfy and casual Emma Stone inspired wishlist. I chose to do it that way for the simple fact that I wanted to build something up that could be useful for everyday use. All of the items mentioned are investment pieces that should be in every girls basic wardrobe, they are easily styled and can be used for those awkward rushed mornings and unplanned outings. It's just a style that anyone could pull off so I offered tips and advice on how to buy flattering clothing that mimics the style in the right way for your shape.

Last but certainly not least was my Katy Perry Inspired Wishlist, it was the last in the series, not intentionally as I just sort of dropped off the series but all in all it was a fab finishing piece. It was the most bold, bright and eclectic wishlist of the whole series and I thoroughly adored every single piece I picked up despite it not being my usual style. It was another post that got a hair dye advice snippet as I loved the lilac shade in the image I was inspired by. It just looks so pretty and compliments her skin tone beautifully, if I wasn't so attached to my own hairs pre-lightened state it would be my next hair dye move... We'll see! Anyway, I feel like the purple really helped tie in with the rest of the pieces as they were so vibrant and different, Katy has been known to stand out in a crowd with her mad sense of style. As I said in the post, it's not quite as mad as Lady Gaga's sense of style but it's still fairly out there and bold which is certainly not a bad thing. 

Thanks for reading part two, I hope both parts of the post have interested anyone reading my blog as I've enjoyed my blogging nostalgia. I'd love it if you could visit some of the mentioned posts, you never know, you may find something you like enough to invest in. 


  1. These wishlists are really cool! I especially love those rose gold style brogues in your Emma Stone wishlist, those are seriously cool! - Tasha

    1. I adore them! I think I just love the whole rose gold thing though so I'm biased.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I love this post! Vanessa Hudgens boho style has become very popular and I see why, it's very chic but makes a bold statement! #boldandbeautiful


    1. Agreed! I love her bolder take on the style, it really goes well with her look.

      Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed this post. 😀