Sunday, 31 May 2015

May Favourites + UPDATE

Hello all! So May has come to a close and I've had quite a month, I've picked up favourites here and there but I've also stopped using a few things too so I'm going to be going through that too. I also wanted to take this opportunity to go through my month and give you all an update.

I've been to see S Club 7 at the Metro Radio Arena, I've paid a visit to London and I've had a weekend in Yorkshire. Throughout all of that I've decided that I want to try and go back to being a bit more lifestyle based. Of course, I still want to post about fashion and beauty but I'm just saying that I want to try and post more about my life and what I get up to. I've booked up for a holiday with my family in Majorca at the end of July so August will be full of fun travel posts - if I get 'round to it!

After Aprils's hair transformation I've struggled with colouring and tones for makeup. Subsequently, I've taken to light shimmery pinks and nude shades. In terms of favourites I just wanted to mention the Makeup Revolution Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection yet again, It's given me the chance to experiment and choose subtle shades to contrast with the more nude tones I've taken to. 

On to health and beauty favourites, we'll go from left to right in terms of the image. The Gillette Venus & Olay 5 blade razor was on special in Superdrug so I couldn't resist it, I bought two and I've loved it. I've always been self-conscious about my legs so a product that smooths my legs as well as removing hair? Sold. The next product is the Sure Invisible Deodorant, it doesn't leave white marks on clothing and it makes me feel fresh all day. As for the Vitamin E cleanser from Superdrug, I've had a bad skin month so this product has really helped my skin along the later side of the month. It's sort of revitalised it and made me feel much better about my skin. The final item of my health and beauty favourites is the Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo, lighter hair means more colour care so I've cut down on how much I've washed my hair. The tropical smell is a great feature, it just adds to that refreshing boost that Batiste usually gives. 

Going back to the cleanser, if anyone who has read any of my previous favourites posts remembers correctly, I had been using the Soap & Glory 2 in 1 Cleanser which was great but it just didn't work quite as well on my skin as it should. I love the fruity scent that it had and it wasn't oily but it just didn't cleanse my skin in the way that suits my skin in general. 

The sun is finally coming out and I've had to put away my jumpers and start to wear lighter tops. The one on the left was from Primark and I utterly adore it, it's bright and it's very airy. The back sort of open and looks cut up so it keeps me cool and shows some skin without too much on view. Also, 'Mermaid Have More Fun' is a fab slogan for a top. I'll probably keep it safe for my holiday later in the year now because it will look great with the maxi skirt I bought last year. Primark usually do fab Summer wear so I'll be paying another visit in the near future to restock for my holiday. 

The last thing I want to talk about is some of the new music that's been out and on the radio recently. I've been going through a bit of a phase in terms of music for the past 6ish months and I've limited myself to listening to My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco so these picks are quite a shock to the system. I've been loving Little Mix's new song Black magic and their video is fantastic, it's fun and they've stayed true to their core sound so I'm fairly pleased with it. I've also been kind of obsessed with Carly Rae Jepsen's new song I Really Like You, it's catchy and the video is pretty awesome too - A day in the life of Tom Hanks? Thanks Carly! Last but not least is Taylor Swift's new song Bad Blood has an AMAZING video and the song is damn good too.

Thanks for reading my latest favourites post, I plan on blogging quite a bit this week so look out for new posts throughout the week. 


  1. That top is so cute! I Just started following you on Bloglovin. Looking forward to reading your future lifestyle based posts! :) xx

    1. Thanks, I'll follow you back when I get a chance later. :) x

  2. LOVE your top ... really love this post and enjoyed every bit of it .. thanks for sharing dear ♡♡

    1. Thanks for returning to my blog, it's always a pleasure to read your comments. :) xx