Wednesday, 13 May 2015

There Ain't No Party Like An S Club Party: Bring It All Back Tour

Anyone who belongs to the same generation as me (in the UK, anyway) will remember the standard playlist for school discos, they usually consisted of the most random upbeat songs and bands. One that always stood out though was S Club 7, they had many a song played through chunky old speakers. It because of this that I decided to go see their reunion tour with my friend, Leanne. The image to the left isn't of a great quality but to be fair, I used the front camera of my Samsung phone and it's not always reliable in darker lighting.

Most of the audience seemed to be young women but there were a few men dotted about so it really felt like a ladies night out. I would say that S Club 7 are a bit of a guilty pleasure, they just remind me of being back in primary school which isn't a bad thing. I guess I wanted to see them for the same reason I went to see McBusted (see post here), nostalgia is always a great feeling when we're so busy with our careers and lives. Unlike my experience with the McBusted tour, I didn't check the setlist beforehand so it was pretty much a surprise though not really because they performed their most loved hits. I may be getting ahead of myself though because I haven't even mentioned the support act yet

The image to the right is of the arena as it started to fill up, the Metro Radio Arena is definitely one of the smaller venues but it really just means that there are no 'bad' seats. So concert kicked off with their support act, AJ Lehrman and a DJ playing his backing track. He wasn't really anything to get excited about, I mean, he wasn't bad but I'm not rushing out to get his latest track (Unbelievable). He wasn't a crowd mover, most people stayed in their seats until S Club came on after the interlude. I do have to commend him on his confidence and energy though which is probably why S Club chose him as a support act.

Once S Club 7 started up on the stage the whole arena livened up and everyone stood to dance, I don't think I can remember any point that the crowd died down. It was a very pleasing atmosphere, for the most part it was very much like a giant club. Everyone danced, a lot of people had a drink and there was a happy and positive vibe around the whole place. Everyone knew the songs and each member had a solo section of the concert whether it was from their own projects or just an acoustic of a song. The solo segments gave the others a chance to change their outfits and prepare the next track so it was structured very efficiently. 

The highlight of the concert, for me personally, was their cover of Uptown Funk which was so similar to the original yet so different. They chose the right song to cover, it fit their voices and it made for a fantastic performance as everyone knew the words anyway because of the popularity of the song. 

I also quite enjoyed Rachel Stevens' solo segment because she sang a medley of More and Sweet Dreams My LA Ex which I also remembered from school discos and community center parties. I'm not saying that the other solo segments weren't as good, I'm just saying that Rachel's stood out for me as I knew the words from past Now! That's What I Call Music albums.

I loved the outfits they chose to perform in, they consisted of many sparkly items, which, as a bit of a magpie blogger I have to say that I couldn't help but admire them. The stage set itself was quite sparkly and they focused more on lighting than on props, to be fair though. they didn't really need much more because the songs are so catchy and they are easy to dance along to.

On a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Bring It All Back tour and I'd do it again if I had the chance. Leanne and I danced the whole time and we had sore throats afterwards from singing along which is always a good sign after a concert. Another thing that we've both found is that our muscles were really tight after the constant dancing and general energy of the night, I think it was Sunday afternoon before I felt back to normal again. 

Thanks for reading about my Saturday night gallivanting experience, I'd love to check out any links to similar posts in the comments if you have a spare moment.