Thursday, 14 May 2015

There And Back Again: London Part 1

As promised I'm writing up some more lifestyle posts, though, to be honest I've got plenty to write about anyway so I'm more than happy to get some more writing practice in. So the way this is going to work is that the post is split into two, the first part (this one) is about my most recent trip to London and the second part will be a throwback to the time before that. 

So on Sunday I set off for London, yet again, to stay with AJ. I'm much more used to using trains as a mode of transport than I was last year in December when I first went to stay with her. It was my first time on a train and the furthest I had travelled alone, I was fairly anxious about it at the time but now I just get settled and deal with the hours sat next to a stranger. I usually get the train from Durham to Kings Cross though if I wanted to I could get the Darlington train, it's the same train anyway, just at different stops. I think that on Sunday we were all a bit out of it, AJ and Gary had just driven up from Scotland after a home visit and I had been on the train for hours. AJ still managed to cook food for us as I lurked about in the kitchen chatting to her, we had chickpea curry which was, of course, yummy. 

On Monday I stuck to the Kings Cross area to do some networking with other bloggers etc, it was nice to see some other perspectives. We chatted about blogging personas, analytics, domains and quite a range of other topics so I really appreciated the advice and idea sharing. We had breakfast together whilst at an open morning so we really had a chance to chat and figure out who was from where and what background we each had. It was quite a range from journalism, marketing and things a little further afield so we all had very different views. The meal AJ cooked that night was risotto which she said went wrong but it tasted great, I attempted to cook risotto ages ago when we had our Skype Cooking Lessons but mine went wrong. I'll get it right one day! 

I spent my free day (well, half because I set off for Durham at half on) on Tuesday just dotting around and discovering various little gems, I did some networking and bought a plain grey skirt and a pair of black tights in H&M after a wardrobe malfunction. It happens just about every time I go down there, I guess I just need to take more of a variation of clothes next time. Either way it just gave me a chance to browse the Angel Central which apparently used to be called the N1 Shopping Center. I took advantage of whatever free wifi my phone connected to and enjoyed the southern sun, it was fantastic! One thing I will say though is that the pretzels from the mini shop in the middle of the square smelled beautiful and I constantly felt hungry. I always find my way to this sort of area in London because AJ works close by so if I get lost I have a point of reference. 

My next port of call was La Petite Village, it's the most adorable little French café and it was recommended to me for whilst I was wandering around. The owner has a lot of time for his customers, he's very friendly and he tries to make anyone who goes in feel welcome. I ordered a large cappuccino and a pain au chocolate pastry as a sort of breakfast as I set away on the internet. I can't remember whether the café had its own internet or I connected to something else but I somehow managed it. 

I think it was the last place I visited before going back to Kings Cross to wait for my train. I was sad to leave London, as I always am, though I'll end up returning soon enough. I'm prone to booking random train tickets now and I don't think it's a pattern that will go away in the near future. 

Thanks for reading part one, the second part will be up tonight when I have my home laptop to get the images from earlier in the year. 


  1. Hiya babe, lovely blog i like ur style of writing and dat u actually share ur life wid us, im totally with u on the train situation i freak out everytime i get on a train especially underground lol
    thanks for sharing this with us.

    NEW DIY post on my blog.

    Have a lovely week!
    Stay in touch.

    Dominica S.

    1. Hey Dominica! Love your name, it pretty damn cute! Thanks for reading this post. I'll check out your latest right now.

      Have a lovely week yourself, I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. great post love your spontaneity "booking random train tickets " look forward to hearing more about your travels

    1. Aw! Thanks, Anna. I'm glad you enjoyed my post. ☺