Thursday, 14 May 2015

There And Back Again: London Part 2 (Throwback Thursday)

This post has been in the pipeline for quite some time and since I was blogging about my most recent trip this morning I just decided to do them both in a two part London-lovefest. I decided to do the throwback half of the post second because I didn't have the images with me when I wrote part one.

My last trip to London was before I was employed so it really was just a fun little trip with no expectations or obligations. There has been multiple setbacks for a post about this specific trip back in... January? February? Either way I just haven't been able to get it typed up so I'm glad that I'm getting to post about it now before the lead goes stale. I was originally going because I wanted to go back to London but then AJ's boyfriend found out he was going to a stag do and we found out that Sherlock was going to be filming it just all really came together.

As I have every time I've stayed with AJ, I've arrived at Kings Cross around the 7pm mark so she could meet up with me after work. We cooked dinner and spent the evening watching Green Wing and Black books, I don't think she expected me to take to them so much because I watched one episode after the other after that.

The next morning AJ and I met Charlie just around the corner from where the cast of Sherlock were filming the special. Once we'd been there for a while we picked up the general pattern of the scene and it wasn't long before they broke up for lunch, Benedict's car was right next to us so we were pretty close. We also saw Martin, Steven and Mark so we had quite a few fangirl moments.

She'll kill me for mentioning this but a certain person under five foot had to stand on the railings to see what was going on. It was quite an experience because everything was all done up to look like Victorian London, horses and carts were on a loop around the street and a snow machine was fully operational. Some of the houses were decorated as shops, apothecaries and the like to set the scene.

Once Benedict left we had lunch in a... Scandinavian restaurant though we nearly had lunch somewhere that was formerly a toilet, which would have been weird, but it was too full and there was no room for us three to sit down which is how we ended up at the Scandinavian.

We then made our way to Soho where we found various vintage shops and stopped at a vinyl store. The image to the right is of Charlie and I searching for vinyls, I picked out Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac and I can't quite remember what she picked up.

Once Charlie left us to pack for Prague, we made our way to Forbidden Planet so AJ could find a Valentines Day present for Gary, she bought the Zelda edition of Monopoly. Once we had gotten out of the very busy shop we ended up playing tourists as we walked by Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and various other little gems. If I remember correctly we ended up in Starbucks and later on we had a cold drink in a pub on the Bankside. Overall it was an incredibly fun trip, though we did end up having a lazy day on my last day there because AJ had a bad back and I had blisters and sore muscles from all of the walking.

Thank you for reading part two of this post, also, credit to AJ for her photography! My next proper lifestyle post will most likely be about the Bank Holiday weekend because I'm going to Yorkshire with my family. 


  1. omg! you are soooooo lucky you've seen the shooting site and of course benedict in real life! I wanted to see benedict so much, can I be you instead?! T^T
    anyway, followed you on bloglovin' and google+, hope you'll follow me back ;)


    1. Thanks for reading! I'm so glad you enjoyed my post. :)