Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Product Review: The BeFri Brush

So, as anyone who knows me will already be aware, my hair is and utter frizzy mess when I just leave it to do its thing. I personally blame my hair dye obsession but, hey, life's too short to have boring hair. Am I right ladies? Anyway, I was sent the BeFri Brush to try out and review (unpaid) and I was quite excited about it to be honest. I've wanted to try a product like this for quite some time as I'm trying to let my hair settle before I re-bleach it or whatever. 

What intrigues me most about this product is that it relies on its kinematic design to defrizz the manes of those who use it rather than some form of argan oil coating or something of that effect. The 'bristles', though they don't really fit that word, are flexible and manage to softly condition hair without causing damage. As I have previously mentioned, I'm particularly focused on the condition of my hair at the moment so I'm more than pleased with the way that the product has been working so far.

Due to the fact that the brush has been created to cut down frizz and condition hair, the product actually has usage instructions. Instructions to brush hair? Imagine that! Anyway, the instructions say 'Hold BeFri Brush in a vertical manner and gently brush dry or wet hair from the roots downwards. Follow by holding the brush in a horizontal manner and brushing entire head once again'.

Going back to the design, the way that the brush is structured makes it perfect for blow drying and whilst I'm trying to cut down on that it's a feature that's more than welcome! The structure itself is 'vented', as the site describes, and allows the hot/warm air to flow through the structure so that the brush still keeps frizz at bay. 

Sorry about the relatively short nature of this post, I don't want to get too science-y on my blog because I don't understand parts myself and this is simply not that kind of blog. Either way I love the product and I've been using it since Friday.

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