Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Purple, Purple And More Purple

Hello everyone! It's nice to be blogging again after a few days break, I always miss it when I leave it for a while. What you're probably wondering is why the post is titled 'Purple, Purple And More Purple'. It was only when I started shaping this post into what I wanted it to be like that I realised the general purple theme. This post is actually a sort of late post-weekend catch-up post if that makes sense because I had yet another fairly relaxed few days off. 

I spent Saturday at the garden center, hence the image of the purple lily (I didn't bother to remember the actual name!). I just thought they were beautiful and sort of wanted some myself. I helped my gran choose some flowers for pots she bought to stop kids from playing on her lawn. It was a sight to behold when she started potting the plants with a ladle... Other than that I just chilled out because I was the only one in the house once I got back home.

Sunday was a little more busy, I visited my nana after breakfast at Wetherspoons and then went to annoy my friend Leanne. This is where the next breadcrumb of purple lies as we decorated her birthday cake in a Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story theme). The baby of the group is finally turning 19, I'm nearly a year older than her because I was born at the end of the year and she was born the next summer. 

Anyway, we decorated the cake and then we went to the cinemas to see the Minions movie. Judge all you like but I only saw three kids in that screen room, the rest were adults without an excuse. 

Next I would like to talk about the 28 day detox I ordered for July. I got the free three day trial and loved it so I'm going to do a longer detox to get me ready for my holiday at the end of July. It's good for energy, skin/hair/nails, weightloss, reducing bloating and a whole bunch of other stuff that I'm looking forward to seeing. 

I'm also going to be trying Raspberry Ketones to aid the detox. I paid for the detox but I got the Raspberry Ketones for free from the Bloggers Required site. For this reason, I will be doing a post covering both right before I go to Majorca. I just want to get it put straight that I'm not interested in losing a lot of weight, I just want to feel healthier and possibly tone up a little before I have to wear a swimsuit. I'm not looking for drastic results, I just want a little boost. 

The selfie to the right is awful but I just wanted to mention the state of my hair. It had started to go a little yellow is on the bottom layer so I went out and bought some new toning shampoo... It took me a few washes to realise that it was turning my hair silver, purple, blue and white. It's kind of cool but at the same time it's annoying because it's in streaks and patches. 

On the plus side, though, my hair feels lovely and soft compared to how it felt before I started to use the shampoo. I'm going to start using the silver shampoo inbetween normal washes so that the colour doesn't build up because it's going to be a pain when I get my roots done... If I don't decide to grow it out and cut my hair short... I've been trying to decide which way to go but I'll probably chicken out of cutting it short. 

Well, that's it from me for now. My June Favourites post will be up tonight so keep an eye out for that if you're interested in summery makeup and holiday clothes. 

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