Monday, 22 June 2015

Ways To Increase Your Reach On Twitter

If you’re familiar with my blog you may have already enjoyed my post ‘5 Mistakes You Are Probably MakingOn Twitter (Blog Promo Edition)’, I went through quite a wide spectrum of how to avoid making mistakes on Twitter whilst running a campaign. What I didn’t really go through is how to reach your audience and how to engage with them in a way that could increase reach.

The first thing you need to do is know your audience, you should already know your readership persona so you just need to go into more depth about it and figure out how you are going to target the right people. If you don’t know who your readership persona is, research is the next step and Google Analytics (GA) can help you there, if you don’t use GA this can be done manually through Twitter chats, lists or even just social monitoring – the chances are that you will spot someone tweeting about your niche. You can go the other way and try to get onto your readers lists and streams, this is where relevant hash-tagging comes in. I touched upon that in the other Twitter post but it's certainly a good way of going about it. I should also mention the Twitter accounts made specifically for sharing content between bloggers and blog lovers or even the outreach accounts created by PR companies. 

Once you know your customer persona you can work on your tone and strategy, this involves answering a lot of questions. Is your audience going to engage with a more light-hearted account or are they going to be drawn in by a more professional manner? Do you have the resources to rely on visual content or are you going to have to rely on your words? Should the tone differ depending on the circumstance or does it need to be consistent? The more you think about the answers to these questions, the more you are likely to find more questions about the tone and style of the account.

Continuing with the style theme, how are you going to visually aid your Twitter account? You need to make your banner and profile image consistent with your blog/site, this is the way you establish your personal brand. To do this, you need to think long and hard about the colour scheme you are going to implement – is there an existing scheme? Can it be altered or are you starting from scratch?

Another way of ensuring you are getting your desired reach is to share your content, it’s a general marketing rule to offer something when you post and what you are doing is essentially just digital marketing. Create the content that your readers want, do the research and see what’s in demand and on-trend. It all needs to be current so that people are still searching for what you are writing about, just make sure that you stay true to your niche and consistent tone.

Connecting with larger companies or accounts that match your purpose and have a high social reach or influence can encourage their audience to check out your products or services. Just retweet their content or show appreciation of it and they could be likely to check out and share your content in return. If they don’t feel inclined to return the favour, it still looks good on your account in a way that shows you are connecting with the right people and know the space.

Well, that’s the end of this post, it’s not something I planned on writing but because I was working on reach and engagement it just happened. Thank you very much for reading, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Great post. Its helpful for bloggers like me who are new to twitter. Thanks :)

    1. Thanks for reading, Huda. I'm glad that my post has helped! :)