Monday, 20 July 2015

Ant Man: Look Past The Name, It's A Good Film (SPOILERS)

So at the weekend I went to see Ant Man and, whilst most were dubious, I was really looking forward to seeing Paul Rudd play the unlikely hero. I'm just going to say now that it really didn't disappoint, with cameos from Anthony Mackie, Hayley Atwell and, of course, Stan Lee the writers didn't miss any chances to make references to other films and excite the average nerd. I think that the atmosphere of the cinema when a Marvel film is playing is just the best really, most of the people going are avid fans and you can really tell who got the references and who is just there because the actors are pretty. The film itself was very dry in its humor, the hero was unimpressed by his identity as the Ant Man but he was in awe of the technology. I think this worked very well for Rudd as he mainly plays quite sarcy characters and he plays them well, the role was perfect for him really.

The fact that the film was called Ant Man has put a lot of people off from seeing it, big mistake. It's a good film and it fills in some of the MCU storyline gaps. The main issue that I feel is considered too much, is the comparisons to Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr's portrayal of Stark. Some people felt a little disappointed by Ant Man because as far as superheroes go, he is lacking in the ego department whereas Iron Man is this big brash character that plays up to the stereotype. Scott Lang ( Rudd's Ant Man) is more so a modern day Robin Hood, rather than a petty thief as you are lead to believe before actually seeing the film.

There's also the heart-warming father-daughter element of the movie as Dr Hank Pymm and his daughter (the original and man and the new Wasp) build their relationship back up as Scott tries to prove he is still a good father to his daughter Cassie. This was the glue in Pymm and Lang's mentor/protege relationship - they understood the importance of family and wanted to protect their children. The emotional aspect tied in nicely with the more serious backbone of the story - the protection of the world as Marvel movies tend to sway towards.

The end of the film tied it all up nicely (pretty much with a bow) and readied the characters for further action with the prospect of a sequel and perhaps a few cameos in other Marvel films. Hope Pymm, the new Wasp, will probably play a large role in the Ant Man future story lines and hopefully we'll get yet another strong female character woven into the scene! The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff) needs her own film and I'm fairly pleased with the new TV series Agent Carter.

Before I finish up this post I just want to mention the post-credit scene with Captain America, the Falcon and Bucky... It was amazing in its simplicity, it has certainly left me wondering about that particular part of Cap 3 and where they are going to go from there. Also, what's the story of that vice Bucky's arm is caught in? I reckon we won't ACTUALLY get any straight answers about that. So, on that note... Thanks for reading!


  1. There was a post-credit scene with captain america etc?
    I only saw a post-credit scene where Pymm shows Hope a suit him and his wife were working on and how he thinks she is ready

    1. Yeah, haha! You have to wait until the VERY end of the credits when it comes to a Marvel film, they tend to leave a little clue behind for another Marvel film. :)