Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Oh My Glo Detox + Body Confidence (Wear A Damn Bikini!)

So about a month and a half ago I was perusing the internet in my lunch break when I came across a link leading to a detox trial - the Oh My Glo detox. Since I was due to go on holiday it piqued my interest and I took a look at all of the benefits - there are many! It helps hair, skin, nails, metabolism... to name a few anyway. Since it was free at the time I ordered a mini sachet and, after loving the three day detox, I purchased a 28 day course.

Now, I'm not saying that the product miraculously cleared up my skin completely and the weight dropped off me. I am, however, saying that I felt my energy increase (I'm generally quite fatigued), my skin improved slightly and I felt much less bloated. It made me feel much healthier, the powder full of antioxidants didn't taste fantastic but it wasn't inedible. It was all in all much better than a teatox - those fairly awful courses of tea that serve only to make us feel ill, lightheaded and... queasy.

I don't usually post pics like the one to the right, much less wear a bikini. That's for two reasons:
Number 1: I've struggled with my body a lot since I was a kid
Number 2: I'm not one for showing off so much skin
Either way it's a rarity but I decided that I wanted to post a bikini picture on social media just to show that I wasn't embarrassed anymore and that I'm finally accepting my shape and size. It's something we all need to do, no matter what our body shapes are - no one should have to risk a white back and stomach for the sake of insecurities. On holidays in the past I have worn long skirts and covered up as much as possible but I think I've finally grown out of that - the picture was actually taken in Majorca during my recent holiday, for which I prepped for with the detox. Not to lose weight though, I just wanted a little boost in energy and the condition of my skin.

So yeah, the message for this one is do things like this because they are beneficial to your health and for gods sake, wear a damn bikini!


  1. I started juicing a while a go, and the only difference that I saw was an increase in energy. Some veggie juices taste really bad to be honest haha. I'm proud of you for accepting your shape and size. More of us should do that. The media is making it so damn hard though.

    xx Izzy

    1. I can definitely see what you mean about the media, everything seems to be based on size and shape these days. I'm right inbetween petite and plus size so it's awkward to fit in with the two specifications.

      As for juicing, energy was the main benefit I found but I'm sure it just works differently for different people. xx

  2. I think you look great! I've noticed that I have more energy when I drink smoothies and I think it totally makes sense because I have a bad habit of skipping meals, not getting enough water, and not getting enough veggies. I definitely think smoothies are a great way to go to help with all of those things!!

    1. Aw! Thanks, Autumn! I have to admit though, sometimes my meal times and contents aren't exactly routine. I need to regulate it all and start going to the gym!