Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The OK Diner: That Fifties Vibe (Hartlepool)

Hello everyone! Sorry about the total random posting times and the lack of consistency lately, I promise that things will even out once I'm in Hong Kong and the end of next week. Anyway, apology aside, today I'm posting about my experience at the OK Diner in Hartlepool.

So, I never intended to do a write-up of my experience at the OK Diner but, to be perfectly honest, I just really loved the atmosphere and the fifties styled experience. Upon entering the authentic tin looking diner I got pretty excited, it almost looks like a movie set. The walls are adorned with relevant images, artwork and chalkboards containing deals and parts of the menus. I had been worried that it would come across quite gimmicky but I was pleasantly surprised. 

The music playing softly in the background matched the theme and the staff were charming. We had a 25 minute wait for the food but I'm not complaining as it was very relaxing to just soak up the atmosphere. I chatted to my parents as our food was being prepared with a warm coffee in my hands - they do great coffees without complex names and daft ingredients and I also noticed they did malt shakes and soda floats. 

The menu was all very Americanised and it was obvious that a lot of care and attention was put into creating the fifties vibe; whether it was the rock 'n roll playing in the background, the menu or the the general interior of the place - I don't know but it was just a genuinely nice place to dine. I would happily return if I was to pass by it again and I recommend it to anyone. 

I took the picture to the left so I could just show people what the general dining setup is, I felt like Peggy Carter talking to Jarvis (total nerd reference to Agent Carter but it was true!). Whilst it did look out of place in the British setting, it looked just as you would expect it to judging from the portrayal of diners on TV and film. 

So yeah, check it out. They have more diners dotted around the place and I'm sure they all have a similar feel and standard of service. Thanks for reading my write-up of the diner experience, I hope you guys enjoyed it as I've been meaning to type up more lifestyle posts. I also need to do a mani-Monday post at some point - when I get the time to sit and paint them, that is.

Heads up, my next post or two will be about Scotland as I'm staying there over the bank holiday weekend. 

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