Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Travel Log: Avenue Of Stars (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Hello everyone! So my post for today is all about my visit to Tsim Sha Tsui (difficult to pronounce but often abbreviated as TST) but I'm going to focus on the Avenue Of Stars. So, the Avenue Of Stars is very much like the Hollywood Walk Of Fame but it's based in Hong Kong and celebrates Chinese film stars. The Avenue is right on the front so the views are fantastic, they actually have a laser and light show across the way that many people watch from just by there. I had to get back to make a work call so I had to get back and I didn't get a chance to stay but I will be returning later in my trip to experience the full show. 

It was quite a pleasant day, it wasn't busy in a crowded and extreme way. Whilst I was there it was yet another scorcher of a day, though, as you can tell from my newly cropped hair - it was also quite breezy! To be honest, the breezes here aren't much of a relief because it's just hot and humid air.

I will say that hot weather still has the same effect on me as it did when I was a child, I get quite tetchy and tired when I've been walking around in the sun all day. The photo to the right was the best picture I could take of Jackie Chan's star. A quite large Chinese family pushed ahead of me to get to the start and then each family member had to get a picture with their hands in his imprints - I only wanted a picture of the star! I was about ready to storm off but I got this picture before moving over to the next star. The short time I got to see the star I noticed that Jackie Chan has really small hands.

Bruce Lee had a star on the Avenue too but he had a statue and other metal structures dedicated to him as well as that. I think that's why his start wasn't quite as busy as Jackie Chan's. If the star was busy then there would be something else to get a snap of. A lot of people actually got pictures of themselves jumping alongside the statue which I thought was quite amusing. I imagine that a lot of people who are fans of martial arts come to the Avenue for that reason, I did see some people dressed up for it. It's quite a big tourist attraction, even Disney capitalises on it with multiple Disney stores scattered along the avenue. There used to be a wine bar apparently, I reckon that would have been quite pleasant to sit and chill for a while after a long day. It's really a shame that it's shut down, I'm sure the lights would have been quite visible from it's spot from the Avenue.

Just behind the Avenue I spotted a large display holding lanterns for the upcoming lantern festival, the lanterns are quite large and the full collection takes up quite a bit of space. They are beautifully made though, they are bright and delicate they follow a theme though there is a mix of different designs. The one on the image to the right, the woman, reminds me of Mulan at the beginning of the Disney film when she's visiting the matchmaker. That's probably just me though, I'm just a big kid. My nine year old sister always tells me that she's more mature than me - she's probably right. 

So this was my first experience with the Avenue Of Stars, it's a beautiful place, though I imagine the Chinese and those more familiar with the film stars would appreciate it in a different way. Thanks for reading my most recent travel log, I love sharing it all with you guys. 

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