Monday, 21 September 2015

Travel Log: Colourful Lanterns And The Light Show (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Hello! Sorry about the delay, I've had a chilled few days so I haven't really done any blog prep. I am very happy to be back online and blogging though. 

So today's travel log is a continuation of the day I went to Kowloon Park and the Avenue Of Comic Stars, rest assured though, I do actually still remember what happened! It was beautiful but, perhaps, not quite as big as the commentary let on.

So after a long day wandering around Kowloon Park and doing a spot of shopping I went down by the Avenue Of Stars to watch the light show. Just by the stairs to the viewing deck was a large display of lanterns, presumably for the mid-Autumn festival, that had only recently been turned on. Obviously a lot of care and effort was put into the creation of the display, every inch of it was perfect, not a single area looked broken, faded or put together incorrectly. 

It's immensely difficult to catch a clear image of the display as you really can't shake when taking a photo of lights - especially when all you have to hand is a phone! I did. Anyway, the lantern display is set of a shallow pool and that really adds to the effect of the lights, it's beautiful. Like really, it's not like anything I've ever seen - the UK doesn't make such an effort with festivals or events other than Christmas or possibly Halloween. 

I've seen images of past displays, ones for other events, and I think that the current one is the best so far. Then again, this one is the only one that I've seen in real life so I'm likely to think that. I really do love the details that the people put into their celebrations, I've spotted many other displays too. The shopping plazas are strewn with mini lanterns and advertisements about the mid-Autumn festival, apparently it's not as large as some of the other events in the Chinese calendar.

Whilst the scale of the light show is very large, I was more in awe of the lanterns. It just seemed as though the commentator built it up to be much bigger than it really was. I got quite bored as it was done in a sequence to very generic music, though, that's not to say that it wasn't beautiful. It just... wasn't spectacular. Though, the sheer amount of buildings and companies that participated in the show (not without credit!) was quite impressive. The amount of work that must go into the light maintenance and the choreography of it all must cost a good amount. 

So yeah, the laser show was an anti-climatic experience but the lanterns are amazing, or rather intricate. I'm sorry if this seems a little critical, I did enjoy every moment of it, I just want to be truthful about all of my experiences here. Thank you very much for reading, let me know if you've seen the show and and you agree or disagree. 

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