Saturday, 5 September 2015

Travel Log: The Day After The Journey (Hong Kong)

Hello! After much deliberation about how I would blog through my trip I've decided to write it as a travel log. I have lots planned and I plan on writing about as much of it as possible so it would just be easier to type it up that way and it will be easy to find as it will all be in a series.

I'm typing this up whilst sat in the comfort of the air conditioning, it's pretty hot here! I got quite a shock when I first exited the airport, the heat and the humidity just really hits you. I expect that I may actually tan during this month, it's just constantly sunny and bright. Though, a lot of the locals carry an umbrella so they don't tan - being ghostly pale skin is actually a good thing here! Another weird thing about the weather and the locals is that they walk around in jeans and tees - I would actually recommend avoiding denim and stick to quite strappy tops. It just gets uncomfortable and sticky, I had difficulty getting my denim shorts off. TMI?

Anyway, moving on... Today I visited Stanley Market first, it was sort of like Camden if I was to be making any comparisons. Though, bartering is much more acceptable here! It's quite easy to get lost if you go on your own, I didn't so I just followed. I bought some cotton shorts and a dress, which I'll probably blog about at sometime in the future. 

The market is full of linen, cotton and silk fashion - some traditional pieces, some not quite so. I would have to say, however, that the main things I checked out ended up being cut panda toys and novelty items to take back to the UK for my sister. Stanley market does tend to cater quite a lot for tourists, I noticed a lot of Hong Kong based merchandise as I explored. There's also plenty of places to eat, both western and Chinese so it's good for picky people like myself.

When I got back from Stanley I freshened up and then went to Tuen Mun, it's a really great place to just chill (I really mean chill, I really appreciated the AC!) and shop. There's a mix of brands from different countries. I particularly liked checking out all of the American and Australian brands that have shops here, it's all pretty cheap too! 

I've already bought some sunglasses from American Eagle Outfitters, they work really well actually. Some clothing stores have really weak lenses and don't work very well. It's absolutely massive, I only actually got to see one of the sections of it but I'm sure I'll get plenty of chances to explore it. I'm staying with my gran and apparently she goes there nearly everyday so I'll pop over there quite often, I suppose. 

To finish off the day my gran, Phil and myself had a BBQ outside of the boat. Of course, we waited until it was cooler and darker so it was quite pleasant. So that's how my first full day went in Hong Kong, it's been tiring but it's all very new and interesting. Watch this space for the next update!


  1. I'm looking forward to more of your adventures!

  2. If I'd read your post earlier, I would have said save your trainer shopping for HK! There a whole road of sportswear clothes/trainers (literally nicknamed trainers street) in Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, and prices are cheaper than UK for trainers.


    1. Ah yes! I'm going to Mong Kok fairly soon actually. :) I'll keep an eye out for it!