Monday, 14 September 2015

Travel Log: Hong Kong Gardens

I spent this morning in the Hong Kong Gardens before taking the tram up to the peak so that's the base for today's travel logs. Today was much hotter than anticipated, I felt like I was melting at times! Thankfully I've half gotten used to my shorter hair now so I just pinned my fringe out of the way. 

The gardens were beautiful and that was before I got to the conservatory and the aviary. People who work near by visit the park for lunch and chill around the fountains, I imagine that I would love to take my breaks there if I worked in Hong Kong. It's quite convenient too because it's right by a quite large bank, to get there I actually walked through the building to find the gardens. Yet another way in which Hong Kong can be quite in contrast with itself. One minute you can be walking through the skyscrapers and the next you can be strolling through a garden or a trail.

There are little ponds filled with fish and turtles, I got pretty excited about seeing the turtles but apparently they aren't that rare over here. Is it just me or are turtles just animals seen in pet shops and zoos? I saw one just randomly wandering around at the Gold Coast last week. Well, enough of my turtle based rant, as weird as that is to say. 

It wasn't just turtles that lived in the ponds in the Hong Kong Gardens, quite large fish occupy them too. Though, I was obviously more interested in the abundance of turtles.
The conservatory was a more controlled environment for plants both native and otherwise. It was quite hot and dry in one part of it, quite different to the humidity outside! I quite like catci, I think I prefer them to actual flowers, though, I'm well aware that flowers can bloom from those too! I'm fairly certain I wouldn't like to fall on one of those, ouchy... Anyway, I also took quite a liking to a Milky Way plant though I didn't get a picture because the light was too bright in that part of the conservatory.

Once I passed the gardens and then the conservatory (full of cacti, too dry and hot!), I went into the aviary. Now, I'm not usually a big fan of birds - I'm actually pretty scared of them - but all of the different breeds and colours were eye catching. 

The fella to the right, I don't even know what breed it was but it was the easiest to catch on camera because he was a beautiful mix of colours. I also spotted some type of duck that could stay under water for minutes at a time, it was all very weird to observe. I can sort of see why my great-gran enjoys watching them, even if a few pairs did need some... uh... alone time.

Well, that's what I got up to in the Hong Kong Gardens. My next log will be about the peak, which I went to after the garden... So, stay tuned for more travel logs!


  1. You look like you're having so much fun. Jealous really doesn't cover it

    1. I am! We need a catch up though, we didn't end up Skyping. :( Thanks for reading btw! x