Thursday, 17 September 2015

Travel Log: Kowloon Park And The Avenue Of Comic Stars

Today's travel log is based on my trip to Kowloon park, it was really more of a stepping stone to get to the viewing area for the laser show. I did, however, end up enjoying Kowloon park and discovering a few little hidden gems! 

The first little surprise for me was the fact that they had a 'Bird Lake' full of flamingos. The graceful pink birds were closer to the shallow end and just getting on with their business but I'd never seen one so close up. They are pretty cute, I think it's the pinkish colour of them, really. Most of my blog and social media posts have mentioned random animals I've been in awe of, to be honest, back in the UK I'm not a big fan of animals. My sister adores them though so there's quite a contrast in what we like, I liked Disney and princesses when I was a kid and she likes animals and fnaf.

I also came across this random guy that seemed to be chatting to his doll, stroking its hair and posing it for photographs. It certainly was an oddity! People were walking past him just baffled about what he was doing, some people actually just stopped in their tracks and stared. To be honest, I've seen people do all sorts of bizarre things since I arrived here, at this point I could probably create a new blogging series starring the random locals that baffle me here. Something a lot of people here do is, and you won't expect this, spit. They hack and spit all over the place, apparently it's worse over in China! I usually connect spitting with llamas. I'm getting off topic as usual, sorry. It was weird to see a grown man play with a doll in the middle of a park in broad daylight. Oh well...

Once I passed the doll guy I came across the Avenue of Comic Stars, I had no idea it was there but it was interesting to see all of the dedications to Asian comic book stars. A lot of them were fighting characters, though, I did spot the odd really cute one. It's quite similar to the Avenue Of Stars, the main differences being the amount of character likenesses and the slightly more hidden location - the Avenue Of Stars is right on the front. To say that it was an unintentional visit, I really enjoyed checking it out. I literally just found it as I was trying to get out of Kowloon park. To be fair, it's closer to the other entrance. I went there straight from the subway station, it's not THAT far. Saying that, if you take a wrong turn it's quite difficult to get back to it. I'm not good with directions as it is, all of the back alleys and random malls can be quite confusing when trying to navigate towards a certain place.

It was a pleasant walk through Kowloon park, I was very glad I stopped by. There was all sorts of eye catching things that I passed - the Avenue, the man with the doll, the flamingos, monument, art sculptures - it was just a really mixed and diverse place. It was very interesting! Then again, everything here is. I'm having lots of fun here in Hong Kong, I'm experiencing so many new things and I feel incredibly relaxed. I would definitely recommend adding it to your travel bucket list, Hong Kong is a must see.

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying my slightly rambling posts about my travels in Hong Kong, is there anything you think I'm leaving out? Anything you want me to chat about? I might do a post about dressing for Hong Kong or a mini travel guide at some point so just let me know.


  1. This is so cool! I bet you're having a brilliant time in Hong Kong at the moment. When I was at college, I had a lot of friends from Hong Kong and China and they used to come back from their holidays there with really sweet Christmas gifts for everyone, it was lovely. I definitely have to visit this place at some point, love the shot of the flamingos too! - Tasha

    1. I've just gotten back, I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner! I do really recommend Hong Kong though, you just need to take a pretty long trip to fit everything in! xx