Sunday, 27 September 2015

Travel Log: My Day In Shenzen And My Autumn Nails

After a rather stressful morning getting a single day VISA for China, I had the chance to visit the Lo Wu shopping centre in Shenzen. The process itself is simple but because I over thought it so much, I actually blanked out passing the border and getting the VISA sorted - I actually can't remember a thing about getting from Hong Kong to China.

So if you haven't guessed yet, this travel log is based on China rather than Hong Kong. The main reason I went is for the cheap beauty treatments but I did do a bit of shopping and, well, a bit of eating. I started off at a Chinese restaurant and I'm quite picky so I tried the crispy hoisin duck. Apparently the carving up of the duck is quite an important thing in China. Long story short - I didn't like it but to be fair, everyone else did so blame my pickyness! 

My next stop was in one on the nail salons to get a manicure and pedicure. I had both been looking forward to it and dreading it because I wanted my nails done but I HATE people touching my feet. I chose a gel polish so it would last a while but I would be able to get rid of it myself as Shellac wouldn't have that flexibility. Since it's Autumn I went for this gorgeous redish brown colour to match up with all of the rustic tones worn over the season. It was either going to be this or a bold purple for Halloween but I decided against it when I spotted this one so I'm pleased with my choice. I'm also happy to finally have all of my nails the same shape, usually I have two rounded nails on each hand and three squared one but I had them all rounded off. What colours are you guys loving this Autumn? I'm also loving mustard yellow, I didn't spot one in the nail shop though.

After getting a mani-pedi and doing a spot of shopping - I bought shoes, converses - I ended up at the facial and hair salon. I chose the Facial Detoxification as I have problem skin so I was anxious to see the results. It was certainly something I needed, I enjoyed having that time to relax. 

I also had my eyebrows done which was a relief because I was starting to look like Frida Kahlo. Overgrown brows may have been 'in' but mine were taking the cake. To finish off in the salon I had a blow dry because the oils used in the facial made my hair feel a little greasy as the facial included a head massage. I'm not sure I like how the hair stylist did my hair, it was kind of a helmet as he used that much hair spray. Anyway, the image to the left is me and my gran looking all fresh-faced and healthy after being pampered. 

Thanks for reading my China travel log, the rest will be back in Hong Kong until the end of the month. One week left! 

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