Sunday, 27 September 2015

Travel Log: Ocean Park

Hello everyone! Today's travel log is based on my trip to Ocean Park, I chose to go there because it's part of most of the tour guides and it comes quite highly recommended. I did check it all out before I went and the website boasts a way of getting closer to animals, supporting conservation efforts and new experiences so before I went I had quite high expectations. 

For a start, a lot of the promotional content and the signs dotted around the park are angled towards the environment and educational snippets of relevant information. It's a terrific place to learn, whether you're a child or an adult it's quite interesting. Though, it's a mainly child friendly attraction so it does have quite a fun and cheery atmosphere and a few of the attractions are marketed more towards children. I, personally, used it as more of a zoo than a theme park because I'm not really into rides like roller coasters. I did go on The Rapids though because I wanted to cool down a little and the ride involves getting utterly soaked. Little tip - DON'T WEAR DENIM! It would be so uncomfortable to walk around in wet denim until it dries.

Anyway, the main reason tourists visit the park is their panda feeding shows, I actually missed the one that I was there for but I did manage to get a picture of one snoozing near the back of the enclosure... It was a shame that I missed the feeding but I guess just getting to see a real life panda was enough for me, it's always fascinating to see something new. Apparently there is a way to visit the enclosure from the inside and learn about the pandas habits but it does seem to be more geared towards children. For obvious reasons the participants of the activity don't make contact with a panda but they will get to see where they live, what they do and what their feeding habits are. So yeah, yet again, it's all very educating and interesting! I suppose it would make a fantastic gift for someone who loves animals and has a genuine interest in handling and caring for animals. 

One of the shows that I did catch was the Sea Lion Fun Time Show which was an almost slapstick walk through of a sea lions training routine. I mean, I enjoyed it but to be fair, I laugh about nearly everything. The sea lion roared in a kids face as part of the routine and the kid looked happy... I would have cried and hid behind someone. 

I also saw the Ocean Wonders show which involved bottle nosed dolphins and sea lions performing with their four or five trainers. I couldn't get an image because the sun made it difficult to get a clear image without a flash (flash photography was not allowed!). It was worth seeing though because the dynamics between the trainers and the dolphins was something quite special - it was probably better than the one I saw at Aqua Land at Tenerife.

One downfall of my trip to Ocean Park was the fact that everything was set up for Halloween but it was all closed except for VIP guests. I would have loved to have checked out The Walking Dead attraction but unfortunately I won't be in the country when it opens for regular guests. It did all look fantastic though, it was very much like the prison set from the previous seasons. 

Then again, all of the Halloween attractions and decorations looked great - the attention to detail was spectacular! It really is a shame that I won't see it all up and running but I'm not going to let that darken my experience. I loved everything I saw from the decorations in the aquarium fish tanks to the modifications they made to the regular attractions. My main focus was actually on the animals that resided in the park rather than the theme though so I'm not too upset.

By night the park was really quite spectacular, the buildings lit up and the water was more or less a show. The fountains and shoots were lit up as the buildings were, the lights changed colours rather than staying blue or red or even yellow and it was a great way to end the experience. I enjoyed my visit to Ocean Park and I would recommend it to most people, though, the hot weather can be a little intense during the time used to walk from attraction to attraction. I took refuge in the Polar attractions where everything was chilled and cool.

So yeah, if you're in Hong Kong for a holiday or even if you already live here - check it out. It's a great experience to have and it's a fab day out, even if you're not a big fan of rides! Thanks for reading my most recent post, I appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed it enough to return!

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