Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Travel Log: The Peak

Hello everyone! I know I intended to post this yesterday but by the time I got in and posted the first travel log it was just too late on over here. Sorry about that, by the way. I'll make up for it now with a continuation of yesterdays post - today's travel log is sort of the next step of that anyway.

So after the Hong Kong Gardens I made my way up to the peak, I got the tram up and I seemed to have gone at a good time. The tram wasn't packed and we only had to wait five or ten minutes to get on. The views on the way up were fantastic, it was quite a clear day so I got to see quite a lot of Hong Kong from up there. I will say though, I'm pretty scared of heights so I did spend half of my time on the tram thinking of all the things that could go wrong. Not that anything ever goes wrong on trams, I just panic over nothing. 

It was VERY hot so the picture to the right makes it look like I'm trying to wink. The sun was pretty intense, though, it was a nice day to be at the peak. It was bright and fairly clear, I spent a good while trying to figure out which building was what through the binoculars. There is actually a labelled picture in the middle of the rooftop viewing area - I went on the free viewing deck on top of the mall - it's quite fascinating. 

Unfortunately there's some work getting done at the side of the building so the view is partially obstructed but they've obviously put effort into minimising the amount that it's obstructing the view. There's also an observation deck around the other side of the building to see the other side. The other side has a more natural view and you can actually see Lamma Island and a reservoir quite clearly. 

To cool off I went into the mall and had some coconut bubble tea and a white chocolate dessert at Mini Desserts. My gran got some fruity things that I don't know the names of, hers tasted nicer than mine though, coconut bubble tea tastes like dishwater. To be honest, I had never tried bubble tea so I didn't know what to order. I know not to order the coconut stuff next time I try it out though, the fruity thing tasted much nicer and the bubbles burst in my mouth and tasted like passion fruit. Yummy. In case you haven't guessed, I ended up stealing my grans drink at times to get rid of the dishwater/coconut taste. 

Anyway, thanks for reading yet another Hong Kong travel log. I'm loving every moment here, even the badly tasting ones! Check back for my next travel log which will be about my meal at the Wildfire restaurant. Pizza. Double yum!

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