Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Travel Log: Pizza At Wildfire (The Peak)

Hey guys! As promised I'm blogging about my meal at the Wildfire restaurant, the one I had at the peak. Walking around all of the shops and the the observation decks during the day had me working up quite an appetite, I was certainly ready for food by the time I decided on Wildfire. 

Nearby there was also a noodle place, McDonald's, Burger King, a noodle bar and quite a list of other restaurants. I settled on Wildfire because it sounded like the nicer of the mix, that and the fact that I fancied pizza. As you can see I ordered the Classic Pepperoni which was a flame baked pizza topped with base sauce, cheese and pepperoni. I also fancied a few other options but the pictures of the pizza just looked so good and I thought it sounded the best out for me out of the pizza options.

As I waited for my pizza I was faced with this beautiful view, I happened to get there before the dinnertime rush. All of the restaurants with fantastic views fill up to the rafters once it gets to a certain time. In fact, all of the restaurants with a view are priced pretty high so they're obviously quite high in demand. I'd imagine that the rental prices for the mall plots are high, hence why the prices for the food and drink are so high!

Anyway, the wait was only about twenty minutes which is really good considering the fact that my meal came out the same time as my grans, she ordered a chicken kebab which was absolutely massive (and apparently very spicy!). I didn't really mind anyway, the view from up there was just simply beautiful and I could watch the eagles circling around the trees too which was quite interesting.

The pizza itself was yummy, it was cooked to perfection and the base was the perfect mix of crunchy and light because it was a thin crust. Nothing unnecessary was added and the cheese and pepperoni was melted together very nicely. Better than the standard takeaway pizza back home, I would say! 

By the time I left it was really quite dark, Wildfire was brightly lit up and very eye catching. It must be the perfect spot for a restaurant up there - fantastic views and right next to the tram station, too. It looked very Vegas, not that I've been to Vegas yet but it had that aura about it. Very Americanised. All in all, I don't have any bad word to say about the place. I enjoyed my break from walking around very much and the pizza was scrumptious! 

Thanks for reading this post, I appreciate that my posting behaviour is very erratic so please excuse the randomness of it all. I'll try to even everything out when I get back home in October, I promise! So the next post will most likely be about the laser show, that is if I decide to go tomorrow night. I'm still undecided. 


  1. I live very close to a Wild Fire and love their pizzas. Their pasta is pretty good as well

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

    1. I nearly got pasta but I just REALLY wanted pizza at the time. :D

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I love your blog! I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Go to my blog for the details :) Have a great day!