Monday, 7 September 2015

Travel Log: Pokka Coffee In Tuen Mun

Good morning/afternoon or whatever sort of time it is where you are! It's early on in the evening here right now. As I mentioned I would in my last Travel Log, I spent this morning in Tuen Mun. I have work to get on with a little later on so I tried to stay fairly close to where I'm staying - I didn't want to have to rush back! Anyway, my gran has mentioned Pokka Coffee a few times so we thought we'd go to the café to try it at breakfast time. 

The Café we went to was embedded in a little Japanese supermarket, it's surprising how many Japanese influences exist within Hong Kong being that it's a Chinese place. What I particularly liked about the café was that it was newly decorated in a very modern and chic style so it had a really clean and sophisticated atmosphere in general. Then again, the Japanese have a very clean and aware culture anyway so it's not all that surprising that the café was such I nice place to sit and chat. 

The coffee itself, which can be bought along with the machinery needed to make and filter it, was served in a delicate china cup along with a saucer and milk. It tasted fantastic, it was perhaps one of the best cups of coffee I've ever tasted. 

Apparently in other coffee shops you can buy Kopi Luwak which is coffee made of partly digested coffee beans that have been eaten by Asian Civet cats. It's not something that I personally would like to try but it was something else my gran mentioned as we sat in the coffee shop. Strange woman. 

Thanks for reading my third Travel Log, my next post will be a hair update because I've given up with my concave bob. Watch this space to find out what my new style is and to read about my next Hong Kong adventure. 

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