Saturday, 26 September 2015

Travel Log: Sweet Tooth (Tuen Mun)

Today's travel log is a yummy one because I want to share with you guys my experience at Sweet Tooth in Tuen Mun. This, of course, came straight after my visit to Tuen Mun park as I needed a mini break from all of the sun and the walking. Also, I'm known to have a bit of a sweet tooth myself so what better place to go than the Sweet Tooth café? Apparently there's a Sweet Tooth in TST too so it must be a chain of cafés.

So I actually went to Sweet Tooth because Starbucks was full but I'm actually glad that it was as it was so nice inside the café. Well, that and the fact that the dessert menu was full of yummy things like the Tiramisu Banana Waffles that I ordered. To be honest, I struggled to choose because there was so much choice - including the fairly recent addition of their matcha series. I chose what I did because I love tiramisu and I was interested to see how it would taste along with waffles and bananas. For the record, it's a good mix actually and each part of the dessert really compliments the rest of it.

It's the type of place that I would generally catch up with friends, it's picturesque and almost like a dolls house. The interior of Sweet Tooth is definitely a good mixture between contemporary design and vintage chic, I particularly like the clean cut yet mismatched vibe that it has. It's very different to Starbucks, anyway! I like the approach that they had with the design, it really made it feel cosy and welcoming. It's a great alternative to the more professional and dark looking coffee shops that are dotted around Hong Kong and everywhere else for that matter. It's a shame that most coffee places sway towards cold, office like and almost clinical looking aesthetics. There's not much variety when it comes to coffee shops these days - Starbucks, Costa, Café Nero... I feel like they only really differ slightly in price rather than what they offer and the vibe that they give out. Though, I will say that Starbucks can be quite diverse in what they offer from time to time. I, just as many people do, really like their Pumpkin Spice Latte that is a returning flavour due to popularity. Autumn and Winter tend to have nicer flavours in my experience.

I'm not really sure about what Sweet Tooth may or may not offer seasonally, though I'm fairly sure it's a new set of branches. As I mentioned earlier, though, they have just brought out a healthier menu full of matcha options. Not that I'm overly concerned about health right now, I'm on my holiday so I'm just taking things as the come.

Either way, I enjoyed my visit to the Sweet Tooth café. Yummy. I'm pleased I went anyway because it was a pleasant little place. So yeah, thanks for reading today's travel log!

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