Sunday, 27 September 2015

Travel Log: The Temple Of The 10,000 Buddhas (I REALLY NEED TO JOIN THE GYM!)

This travel log is, despite the name, more about the temple than my lack of physical fitness. Though, checking out the Temple of the 10,000 Buddhas on Po Fook Hill does involve a whole lot of stairs and walking. I wouldn't recommend this spot to someone with mobility issues, I'm 19 years old and I felt like collapsing by the time I got to the top. I will say, though, it is worth it for the view and the experience up being up at the temple.

On the way up there the walls are lined with golden Buddhas, all of which are different and are based on real figures. Some are being repaired and repainted so not all are there but I was told that whilst it is called the Temple of the 10,000 Buddhas, there are actually more like 12,000 so the sheer mass of these figures is amazing. 

Unfortunately I seem to have picked up the habit of posing like this with statues, I did feel the need to take a picture with the elephant though. Elephants seem to be quite prominent at these Chinese temples, not quite as much as dragons and lions but I've seen plenty of Elephant statues and paintings. I have about a million pairs of shorts and trousers with elephant prints on so the image kind of felt necessary. To be fair, I kind of used posing as an excuse to take a break whilst walking up to the temple. I was kind of embarrassed about all of these old Chinese men practically running up the steps whilst I huffed and puffed my way up. My new catchphrase or something for my blog should probably be 'I REALLY NEED TO JOIN THE GYM!' as I just feel so unfit compared to everyone else. It's ridiculous, really.

As I said, though, it really is worth it to see everything from the top. It's a really peaceful atmosphere as expected being that it's a temple but it was a nice place to be after the physical activity of walking all the way up there. It's all very grand and detailed so it's definitely not a boring place to visit.

I found the story of Reverend Yuet Kai quite interesting, though, I didn't take a picture of his gold covered corpse as I wasn't sure it would be respectful. It's called 'The Diamond Indestructible Body of Yuexi' on signs in the monastery. Apparently his body was exhumed only to find that his pody was perfectly preserved to he was painted gold, clothed and placed in a lotus position. Pretty bizarre, right?

It's quite the landmark, the giant pagoda is actually on banknotes so it's something worth checking out. It has nine floors and you can go inside to climb to the stairs and get a higher view of Sha Tin. It's also lined with Buddhas, just as pretty much everything up there is. I think it would be appreciated on a whole other level by a Buddhist because they would understand the meaning and the history behind it all more than the average tourist. That's not to say that I didn't appreciate the experience, I'm just making the point that it's a very deep and meaningful place for the right people.

Well, thanks for reading yet another travel log. My next one will be about the Mid-Autumn Festival or rather the Moon Festival, more specifically about the celebrations that occurred on the Gold Coast. Cheers!

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