Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Travel Log: Tuen Mun Park And The Reptiles

Hello everyone! So today's travel log is about my trip to Tuen Mun Park, I know, I've visited quite a few parks but most have something to it - like this one had a reptile house. 

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Anyway, the day was supposed to be more of a mountain trail hike but I ended up wandering around Tuen Mun afterwards. After the obligatory walk through the Town Plaza I came out of the shopping complex to find the park, I had heard about the reptile house there so I was quite intrigued. It was a pleasant park anyway, there was a dance class and a public singing area that I found some amusement from. The guy who was singing at the time was a cheery soul, he waved and enjoyed the attention he was getting. Though, I couldn't imagine him getting a call from Simon Cowell anytime soon.

It really is a lovely park, it was unexpected really because I didn't think Tuen Mun would have such an open and airy park. It even had one of those pebble trails for reflexology or something along those lines, I didn't find it very relaxing, it kind of hurt actually. Oh well! It was an experience anyway, even if it was just walking without shoes over pebbles... 

I think the main thing I'm getting at is the fact that it's a varied park and it's more interesting to visit than the run of the mill general park dotted around in the UK. Then again, when it's bad in Hong Kong it's really bad and when it's good in Hong Kong it's AMAZING. There's really no inbetween in my opinion, it's either or. Parks in the UK can be very basic, sometimes quite broken down and more often than anything else - they can be full of headcases. 

Moving on... I met this little guy when I went to the reptile house, it kind of made me appreciate the graphics that was used to make Smaug in The Hobbit. I think they got the posture and the movement just so right. Also, the lizard had quite a devious look about it - check out that cheeky smile! I think this paragraph really just sums up how weird and nerdy I am. Not that I'm bothered, even then I have to say, I do prefer reptiles, lizards and amphibians to cuddly fluffy creatures, as weird as that might be! I think one of these guys would make a great pet, lizards seem fairly docile unless they're harassed. There was a lizard by the pool the other day and when the lifeguard caught it the lizard just froze and didn't cause any bother. Actually, I've seen quite a few lizards around Hong Kong so far, none quite as exotic looking as the ones in the reptile house but lizards nonetheless! 

I loved visiting the reptile house, it was certainly the highlight of my trip to Tuen Mun Park. I mean, look at this turtle, have you ever seen something so bizarre looking? Me not included of course, haha! To be honest, I'm fairly sure you guys are sick of seeing pictures of turtles because I take a picture of them everytime I spot them - which is quite often!

So I hope you've all enjoyed my latest travel log, Tomorrow I should be posting about the Sweet Tooth café and following that will be my post about Ocean Park. It's all go here! You can follow my travels in a more up to date fashion over on Instagram here

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