Friday, 11 September 2015

Travel Log: Tsuen Wan And Mong Kok

I spent today in both Tsuen Wan and Mong Kok, mainly for the purpose of shopping. I started off in Tsuen Wan because my gran wanted to meet her husband for lunch at The Outback. The Outback is basically an American Australian styled steakhouse, as in, it's an American chain but it's supposed to be Australian. I didn't have steak because I had it the night before, instead I had a crispy chicken burger and fries. YUMMY. The restaurant itself has a very warm atmosphere and the walls are adorned with Australian memorabilia. It's pretty stereotypical, y'know, koalas etc. 

The shopping centre it was situated in was full of bakeries and colourful stationary shops, the image above was taken outside of one of those. To be honest though, most of the mall was covered in little figures and scenes set for photographs. I chose this one because it reminded me of Alice in wonderland or Little Miss Muffet, it's pretty cute.

The Ladies Market in Mong Kok was full of low cost bags, accessories, clothing and electronics. I bought three bags and loads of thing for my sister... I really need to start spending less in so little time, I do have three full weeks left! There's just so much to see and do because a it's very cultured in some parts but western in areas, it's quite a contrast really. Anyway, the Ladies Market stretches for quite a bit and it takes quite a while to get through it all. A lot of it is the same though but the prices do vary, you can haggle though so it all comes to the same price if you think of it that way. I got all three of my bags seperately for $150 (Hong Kong Dollars) which is about twelve pounds per bag. They will last me a while though so it's all pretty good. My gran usually brings me back a handbag or a satchel or something and in the past I've used them for school or work so I get a good lot of use out of them.

After all of the bartering and weaving through people, I went to back to The Outback for a cold drink - a strawberry smoothie, incase you were wondering! It was very refreshing after all of that heat. It did get a little cold though whilst we were in there - hence the pashmina in the photo to the left - places in Hong Kong tend to go a little overboard with the AC. It's been yet another pleasant day really, it was a little cloudy so it wasn't the full force of the Hong Kong heat. Thanks for reading yet another travel log, yet again, I hope it's as interesting for you guys as it is for me. 


  1. I saw that first picture on your Instagram. What a cute statue. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun shopping haha. You'll be broke by the end of your trip hahaha. I would be.

    xx Izzy

    1. I will be, haha! It's so much fun though, I'll forgive myself. :D