Thursday, 29 October 2015

7 Things I Could Never Have Predicted In School

So the other day I paid my friend Leanne a visit, we don't get to catch-up often as she's in UNI and I have a job. It's getting increasingly more difficult to fit in our little meet-ups so we tend to have a lot to talk about, I even painted her nails whilst I had the chance. Anyway, we ended up talking about some of the daft things we did in school and it got me thinking about how things have ended up and things I've done that I wouldn't have even thought about in school. It's all turned out so different from what I expected when I first left secondary school so I thought it would make an interesting post.
  1. I always thought I would do my A Levels and then move on to UNI but I only did one year of A Levels and decided against going to UNI.
  2. Going to college to do a diploma in journalism was something that I really didn't think that I could do, at the time I was much less out-going and going to a new place full of new people terrified me but I did it.
  3. I never planned on doing social media as a career, I just used it to keep in touch with friends and family. It was something I almost fell into actually, as I started off by helping someone with their account and it sprung up from there.
  4. I didn't expect to volunteer for a charity for as long as I did, I was there for around six months and helped with funding campaigns and their social media channels.
  5. I never thought that running a blog would become such a large part of my life, I was always the friend with no hobbies but now I do all sorts and my current blog has been going for nearly a year.
  6. The thought of going to London on my own was never something that I anticipated, I just booked a train one day and took off for a few days - thanks AJ!
  7. Hong Kong was somewhere I always wanted to go since my gran has lived there for over a decade, this summer I finally got a chance to visit - I even had to do a long haul flight on my own.
All in all it's been an amazing three years and despite a few bumps in the road, I would definitely not go back and change anything if I had the chance.