Thursday, 15 October 2015

Circus/Carnival Inspired Halloween Look: Step By Step

Hello everyone, so today I thought I'd post a little 'how to' piece for the makeup look I shared through my social media accounts. To be honest, I had been sat reading about other bloggers creating looks and I just wondered why I hadn't thought to do one. Now, I'm no professional but it's always fun to experiment with makeup so I might as well share the ONE look that I was actually really proud of.

I went for a bright and colourful carnival theme as I figured that the dark and brooding vampire look was a bit old hat. I was really inspired by the colour green, I have no idea why but I just really wanted green to be part of the look. If you don't have a green eyeshadow you can always go for yellow or orange, the goal is to look bright and exotic but you can really play around with the colour combinations. I'm going to go through the look step-by-step and give product SUGGESTIONS, really you can use any colourful palette for the eyes but I already had one in so I stuck with that. 

What I used:
  • REVOLUTION Ulitimate Eyeshadow Collection
  • Avon Gorgeous Plum Lipstick
  • Vaseline
  • White Face Paint
  • Collection 2000 Concealer
  • Innis Anti-Sebum Powder 
  • W7 Brush Collection
  • Look Good Feel Good Eyeshadow Brush
Of course, you can use whatever products you have or prefer but those are the ones that I used and I was pleased with the effects that they gave me. If you're going for a different palette I would advise that you use one with a mix of bold colours, neutrals and shimmery shades.

How I did it:
  • Step 1 - Start with a freshly cleansed and moisturised face, apply concealer to any major blemishes to start off the base. Lightly dab the blemishes and don't put too much on, it will be covered by the face paint anyway.
  • Step 2 - Apply the white face paint with an almost blotting action, the goal is to apply a base that will last for a little while, apply some of the paint to the nick to blend in the pale colour. Make sure that the eye lids are included in this step to prime them for the intense colours.
  • Step 3 - Apply some anti-shine powder to mattify the base, give it staying power and increase the longevity. Yes again, add this to the eyelids to make sure that the eye look stays, it's difficult to blend if you don't.
  • Step 4 - Highlight and contour using a shimmery white shade, lightly apply it to the nose, cheekbones, above the lip and at the jawline. This can be done with a very light shade of green, purple or blue if you want to create a less subtle look.
  • Step 5 - Use an ivory or porcelain shade in a triangle shape from the middle of the nose bridge and over the eyelid, this helps blend the colour in later.
  • Step 6 - Use an angled brush to line underneath the eye with a bright green shade, leave the inner corner and then switch to blue. Take the blue and get right in the inner corner and drag it down very slightly, it will make the eye look larger and brighten it up a bit. Change the brush to an eyeshadow brush and blend the blue into the green.
  • Step 7 - Pick up the angled brush (wiped clean, of course) and go from the upper inner corner of the eye and line it, take the purple all the way and create a long flick.
  • Step 8 - Use the white shimmery shadow to tidy up the eye look, make it all look precise and fix up any mistiakes.
  • Step 9 - Use the Gorgeous Plum lipstick to, very precisely and deliberately, colour the lips. Use a brush if you need to but make the lines as sharp and accurate as possible, the lipstick is the base.
  • Step 10 - Use the purple eyeshadow that was used to line the upper eyelid to cover the lipstick, it darkens up the shade and adds staying power, use an eyes shadow brush to put on the shadow in a very light and delicate manner.
  • Step 11 - To lock in the lip colour, use Vaseline as it preserves the colour, adds a glossy finish and prevents the lips from drying out.
  • Step 12 - Line the outside of the lips with more of the white face paint to make the lip look bolder and stronger, it also prevents colour bleed.
Sorry if I put in place too many steps but that was just exactly how I created the look, I loved how it turned out and I just wanted to share with you my first Halloween look this year. I'll be posting another one fairly soon but it will be after a few other posts. Thanks for reading, I hope this post has at least inspired you to create your own bright and colourful Halloween look.

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