Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Must See Sights Of Hong Kong

Hey guys, so yesterday my travel log series came to an end and I thought I'd just round it off with an overview of sorts. This post will include all of the sights that I think shouldn't be missed when travelling through Hong Kong. Of course, most of them were blogged about so I'll leave links to those as I go along.

So, the first place I went was Stanley Market. It's a westerners favourite as it's great for shopping, a lot of the Hong Kong natives are more petite in size so if you want to buy a few extra pieces it's great to take a look. So what makes it a 'MUST SEE' place? Down by the front they still have traditional buildings made in the old oriental style so it's great to take a peak at something from the old world. There's more about it on my travel log so I'll not drag on the first place I wanted to add too much.

Sai Kung is another place you just have to visit, now, I'm not a big fan of seafood but apparently it's well know for it. They have those fish tanks you have to choose the fish you want to eat out of, it's certainly an experience anyway! The main thing that I went for was to see the dogs that are dressed up along the bay, people take their dogs to Sai Kung on a Sunday for a walk so they're usually all over the place.

The Avenue Of Stars (AOS) in TST is full of appreciation for Asian film stars, that generalisation includes Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The paths are dotted with celeb dedicated metal stars and cement hand prints which are quite popular with the tourists. You can actually watch the laser show from the AOS which is quite beautiful and worth visiting but I would suggest seeing both on the same day as it's quite time consuming to get to the AOS from anywhere but central.

Lamma Island, which is a short ferry from mainland Hong Kong is worth a visit. It's very bohemian and it just has a warm and pleasant vibe about it, I took a day trip but you can stay in hotels on the island. It's also very big on fishing so it's great if you're interested in that sort of thing! I was more into the bohemian side of things, hence all of the cool elephant shorts and trousers I bought there.

Speaking of things I bought... I definitely recommend the Mong Kok Ladies Market. It's very much like markets in the UK but you get to barter for things and experience the Hong Kong culture. It also helps that everything is pretty cheap too, I bought a few Christmas gifts from over there. Don't judge! I'm on apprenticeship wages and my shopping list is fairly long, it's the thought that counts.

The Floating Restaurant is a place that you should, at the very least, pop in and take a look around. As I mentioned, I'm not big on seafood  so I didn't eat there but it's got a gift shop, pictures of royalty and stars dining and a few historical paintings. It's also worth it to try out a Junk Boat which you need to get on to get to the restaurant because, obviously, it's floating.

One place I really enjoyed visiting was Repulse Bay, it was one of the things I did earlier in my trip. It's another one of those places you can go and kill two birds with one stone, you can see something with history and a story behind it and then you can enjoy a nice ice cream by the bay. At one side there is the Tin Hau and Kwun Yum statues and on the other side there is the much more modern shopping center and dining experiences.

Another place you should check out is the Hong Kong Gardens, they're beautiful and there's an aviary, in there you can see some of the most beautiful exotic birds in Hong Kong. It's fairly chilled and it's really relaxing to just sit and watch the birds and they build nests, feed and fly about.

Without a doubt you should take a tram up to the peak, it's quite a big landmark and it's one of those things that you just need to experience. The view is amazing, there's a 3D museum, the shopping up there is fantastic and the food is delicious.

At the peak you can see a fair lot, it's pretty high up! You can see parts of Lamma and a whole lot more from the binoculars, it's really quite interesting to see everything from that angle. It's a great way of seeing the sheer scale and size of everything covering Hong Kong, it's a bit of an eye opener! I will say, though, take a pair of sunglasses. The picture to the right makes it look like I'm about to sneeze but, to be honest, it was just too bright so I had to squint at the camera at that angle. The observation deck that I went on was free as opposed to the one beside it that cost about $30 to enter.

Ocean park is one of the more modern sights of Hong Kong, whether you love rides or hate them you can still enjoy their animal attractions and themed restaurants. It's well known for their Giant Panda who has just been announced to be pregnant, aw! They also have sea lion shows, dolphin shows and a few more so it's a full days trip, especially if you decide to go on a few rides along the way. I'm just upset that I went home before the Halloween thing opened for the general public this month, it looked so cool! They even had an attraction based on The Walking Dead.

The Temple of the 10,000 Buddhas is definitely a top place in the sight seeing guides but... only if you are fit enough to walk up a LOAD of steps. I was utterly exhausted by the time I reached the top where the monastery and the statues were. Though, that could just be because I'm ridiculously out of shape! Like, I knew I was unfit but that walk just took the cake. I need to join the gym so badly! The monastery is something that people plan to see but the giant pagoda is something of note as it's actually on Hong Kong dollars.

You NEED to go to the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island, it's utterly spectacular and it's even worth the scary cable car ride to get to it. I'm saying that because I'm terrified of heights! I mentioned a few of the other great things to do in Lantau in my blog post but it's something you really should experience.

Well, those are the main sights you should see in Hong Kong. Let me know if you think I missed any and I could do a follow up, also, let me know if you've been to any of them! I'd love to hear about your opinions of either my post or the places themselves.

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