Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Non-Spooky Halloween Nails (Slight Carnival Theme)

Hello everyone, so yesterday I had a little catch-up with my good friend Leanne and as I usually do when I see her, I painted her nails. To be fair, we don't really do much else when we get together these days. We use nail art as an excuse to sort out a catchup, she's in UNI and I work so it's difficult to find out a good time for both of us to chat and be all nostalgic and stuff. Sorry about the rambling, I'll just get straight to it then!

Since my last makeup post was inspired by  a sort of carnival/circus style (Carnival Inspired Makeup Look) I guess I was feeling the vibe for that again. I also figured it would be nice to almost do a part two to the look in the form of nail art. I almost did an ombré style with dark trees on but then I couldn't find any sponges and I got hooked onto the carnival look again.

What you need:

  • Two pastel nail polishes (any colours are good, just make sure they're pale for this particular look), I used two Claire's Accessories as they're chip resistant and they last for quite some time.
  • Four gems, I used flower shaped ones as I wanted a quite feminine vibe to be present. These ones can be bought from somewhere cheap like the Poundshop or somewhere else that sells bargain brands.
  • Nail glue is a necessity for this design as I decided to use the gems, of course, if you really can't get any you can use a clear polish but it gets quite messy.
  • Nail art pens are a necessity to do the itty bitty designs, half of the ones I used were from Argos and half were from Boyes. Online shopping is always a good backup, eBay tends to have a few different packs so it might be worth checking out. 
  • A nail art tool, it can be used to created dots and paint the more intricate designs for the skull and the flowers.

After a clear base coat I started off by choosing a pastel purple and a pastel pink, this look is best styled when it's applied to a pastel base. I used Claire's nail polish, I actually bought it for Leanne for Christmas last year and it was still looking good. I chose do do one feature nail on each hand as I wanted to attempt a sugar skull, it made sense to make it stand out and be a feature. I applied two coats to each nail but then I had to go back and repaint one or two nails as Leanne smudged them.

Once the base dried I glued on the little blue flowers for the eyes on the feature nails. You're going to want to make sure that the gems aren't too close to the nail bed as they won't look like eyes and you won't get to do part of the design. Dark red or purple gems would actually look nice too but I liked the blue and they had a nice shape so that's why I went for those specific gems.

This design involved a lot of dots but I then went on to do the mouth which was a little marked line, it was kind of like a zombie mouth until I added the white for the teeth. I then lined the eyes with dots, gave the skull an orange brow and drew on a little black nose.

I the started on the white designs, I chose to do two white nails to soften up the darker look and keep the general them consistent. The thumb nail is a cobweb which I just drew on with a white nail art pen. I think it turned out pretty well as it was but if you want you can add some gems to the little corners of the cobweb or perhaps some glitter. The heart was easy to do as it was just white dots and, yet again, the design can be jazzed up with glitter or gems if you wish it so.

The nails with the black designs on took a little more work, for the flowers I started with a black nail art pen and drew on swirly stalks. Then I just added little red and green lines to create simple flowers, I will say though, you need to be quite precise with this bit or it just looks like a splodgy mess. For the skull I just dabbed the black pen onto the nail in spots and built it up to be the shape of a skull. I dotted orange pen in two places for eyes and then added yellow dots to make it softer and more carnival styled. To finish it off I drew a white mouth and then left it all to dry, it took a while but that was because everything was layered.

The final step was to paint over the top of each nail with a clear top coat, you could add a matte coat but I would only recommend that if you don't use gems or studs.

Well, thanks for reading this nail post. Sorry it took so long, I did plan to have it up during the morning but I had a fairly busy day with the social media webinar I had to participate in. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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